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Even though I've divided these links into categories they aren't really that easy to categorize. For example, Under Much Grace could go under Abuse and Patriarchy/Quiverfull. could go under both Patirarchy/Quiverfull and Mommy Bloggers. Wenatchee The Hatchet talks about comic strips and music composition among many other things. But I've put his link under Driscoll because he's my "go to" guy for any objective understanding on Driscoll since he spent years there before exiting due to the relentless increases in crazy levels. So please don't skip over a link because you feel it's in a category you aren't interested in. These are the best links I know of and I'll be adding to them as I get acquainted and reacquainted with more blogs and forums.


Under Much Grace

The Wartburg Watch

Spiritual Tyranny


Mars Hill Refuge

Wenatchee The Hatchet

Freedom For Captives

Is Mark Driscoll a Bully?


Biblical Personhood

Equality Central Forum

Freedom for Christian Women Coalition

New Life

Rachel Held Evans

The CBE Scroll

Christian Egalitarian Marriage

Soulation: Breakfast Reading.

Junia Index Suzanne McCarthy

My Theological Journey to Understanding Gender Biblically Paul Burleson

Grudem's Logical Errors  at Jesus Creed

Mommy Bloggers

Elizabeth Esther

Neo Calvinism

Pauls Passing Thoughts

The Coalition Against New Calvinism

9 Marks Blog Post on their authority on declaring who gets to be a citizen of the Kingdom of God


What's Wrong with Calvinism

Patriarchy/Quiverfull etc

The Unspoken Words

Commandments of Men

Incongruous Circumspection

Quivering Daughters

A Quiver Full of Information

The Tenets of Unbiblical Patriarchy

Doug Wilson (hyper-masculinist and misogynist) Defends Slavery

Doug Phillips Poses Threat to lives of Homeschooling Mothers

Pro-life apologist has this to say about ectopic pregnancies

Cult of Domesticity - Wikpedia Definition

Feminism and deja vu - Equality Forum's look at the Cult of Domesticity

Covering and Authority

New Dissertation on Covering by Allan Clare pdf

The Shepherding Movement at Subversive Influence

Excerpts from The Discipling Dilemma Chapter 8 (roots of Shepherding Movement, including Nee)

Coverture - Wikepedia Definition

Archive for the Shepherding Movement on Church Revolution

A Jesus for Real Men  (Christianity Today article)

Artimis and the End of Us: Evangelical Errors Regarding Women  (Wade Burleson)

What is Patriocentricity

Quivering Daughters (Book)

No Will of My Own (Book)

Under Much Grace Index of Posts Concerning Vision Forum

Christianity Today's Book Review of Quivering Daughters

Hester's Big Box Series Index (Reviewing Vision Forum Teachings)

"the best of" quotes from the modern day patriarchs and patriocentrists from True Womanhood in the new Millennium

A Real Gem from the Bayly Blog  from White Washed Feminists

Roots of Home School Movement Julie Anne Smith

True Womanhood in the New Millennium threads

"Visionary" Daughters (Karen) Thread 1
(Karen's comment 37 is of note)
(comment #169 contains link to Phillip's Southern View of Patriarchy sermon)
(comment #183, links to Daddy's Little Girl and Corrie's response)
(#187 takes on the "Federal" view of patriarchy including a link)
(#403 Quote from Piper Grudem book on original sin being Eve rejecting headship)
(#455 link to Jen's Gems on women voting and comments on daddy's owning daughters)

Thatmom's Podcast on Patriarchy and Patriocentricity, Series 1 2007

Purity Movement

Fathers and Daughters: Who Owns a Daughter's Heart?

Virginity: New and Improved Elizabeth Esther

Purity Culture Fall Out  Elizabeth Esther

I Kissed my Humanity Good-Bye Elizabeth Esther

Bible Translations

More on the SBC, NIV, and Denny Burk From Suzanne's Bookshelf

Reminders about the ESV from Suzanne


Darcy's Heart Stirrings

Wade Burleson