Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Acronym Break

Just learned this one.

Sorry if everyone already knows this one. I'm not always known to be on the cutting edge of these kinds of things.

This is dedicated to all people with addictions, bitterness, and brain disorders who refuse to acknowledge the fact.

DENIAL = Don't Even kNow I Am Lying

I like a good acronym.


-Lyd- said...

Thaks for dropping by to my little blog.. You have nice blog. too.. =)
Hey, do u have facebook? let's chat sometime.. =)
find me in facebook.. lyd_me@yahoo.co.uk


martha said...

hey there-- thanks Mara for reading my blog! wow-- yours has some cool stuff, just started reading, about intimacy with God... and the "denial" acronym... good! May the Lord bless your every movement, coming and going, and hugs from Spain! Martha

Mara Reid said...

Sorry Lyd, I don't have a facebook and don't think I'd be very good at keeping up an account.
I'm thinking of putting up blogs that I follow sometime. If I do, I'll post places you might like and we could chat there.
But I'm glad you stopped by. I plan to visit your place again from time to time, and your friends. I always like to see what's going on with other people ant their walks with God. Iron sharpens iron.

Martha, also glad you stopped by. I love learning about Christians abroad, whether missionary or otherwise. I think knowing world travelers and their experiences can expand a person's thinking.
May God's protecton and revelation rest on you as you are overseas.