Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Bitter Waters

Taking another break from SOS for a second.

I found another blog with an example of women spitting bitter religion out of their mouths.
These women, Laura and Vyckie, were a part of a Christian subgroup that promotes "Biblical Patriarchy" and the "Quiverfull" movement. It is a very hard teaching that can sap the very life out of a woman. I have friends not associated with that blog who are still recovering from the bad doctrine and oppressive teaching of this movement.

The women who own this blog are so turned off to Christianity because of this legalistic group that one or both of them is considering Atheism. And Atheists are stopping by to to congratulate them for escaping such a toxic religion as "Christianity"

The blog is called No Longer Quivering and is located at:

Jesus said, "Come unto me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest."

If anyone is finding no rest in their Christian faith, perhaps it is time to re-examine it.

God calls us all to a Sabbath rest.

Edit made 3/25/09
After reading this again I realized that I could be misunderstood.
Those following my blog who have read the earliest posts would have known that I meant that the bitter waters being spit out by these recovering women did not originate within them. I don't think that they are just a couple of bitter vindictive women.
What I mean is that Patriarchy and Quiverfull teaching can be very bitter. I mean that these women are spitting out the bitter waters of this teaching. And rightly so.
Patriarchy and Quiverfull have both morphed into a works-based religion that doesn't bring life.
My hat's off to them for their strength and courage to escape and recover and speak out against such bitter waters being held up as sweet "Biblical" waters. They are not sweet waters. Too much man-made religion has been stirred into it making it toxic.


believer333 said...

That blog tore my heart out reading it. Some forms of patriarchy are worse than I thought. :(

You posted the following on Complegal and I wanted to thank you for it. Very well said!

"I have no idea what the percentages are of good, upstanding men like the ones in my personal life and represented here vs the kinds of men who think their women, including their daughters, are there to be used. I take for granted that the higher percentage would be men like you guys. I have to believe it or I would go into a depression.

What does this have to do with the Bible and being Biblical?

I thought you’d never ask.

Girls from these families with umpteen perps do eventually grow up. And most likely they will grow up to be angry. And they have every right to be angry. And they may see God as just another man who wants to abuse them since that is their point of reference. From their point of view (pov), all men abuse. It’s not an accurate pov. And some may say it’s not a fair pov, which is also true. But it’s all they know.

In my view, what these girls need is a personal relationship with Jesus. They need to know Jehoveh Rapha, the LORD their Healer. They need to know Jehoveh Jirah, the LORD their Provider (who gives expecting no ‘favors’ for the gifts). etc.

Who they don’t need to know right now is ‘The Lord who commands them to submit to a man’. BTW, this name for God cannot be found in the Bible anywhere so I don’t really think it’s one of His names. I see good marital advice given in Ephesians 5 and other places. But I don’t see a woman’s submission to a man being made a condition for her to receive healing, forgiveness, salvation, provision, or eternal life.

I believe in keeping the first things first.
I believe the over emphasis that some have placed on a woman being submissive to a man is out of order and misses the point of what God is trying to do on earth among men and women."

Mara Reid said...

Thanks believer333

Right or wrong, you have emboldedned me to make another comment.

(Are you the same as TL and believer3?)

Anonymous said...

Heading over to look at the blog. Sounds very interesting. Have you read the latest post on mine? Just another facet of the whole Patriarchal/Complementarian damage potential.