Friday, May 22, 2009

What Is Hidden In SOS


Back to my assertion that the Song of Solomon is not just about sex.

I saw another preacher the other day talking about it. He, like most preachers, asserted that it WAS all about sex. It's not about gardens and vineyards and farms. It's about sex.

At first I was a bit miffed.
But I saw this preacher AFTER I saw what my Internet friend said to the Atheists she engaged in friendly (for the most part) debate.

(For those who didn't read the May 20th post, she said that God wasn't a triabalistic, patriarchal misogynist. But He was dealing with that sort of culture and so therefore may come across that way.)

And thinking about it, if God wanted to hide messages in His Word about the uplifting of women from the place of property, slavery, and second class citizenship, where better to hide it than in a book that men think is all about sex???
What would any red blooded male of any nationality do with a book about sex sanctioned by God?
First of all, make sure it is never lost to posterity. And if they were trying to get together a Big Book about God, and there was a book about sex from God, you know that the majority of the boys are going to make sure it is included.
What if it was a book about uplifting women with no mention of sex? Might one of the boys accidentally misplace it?
Okay, I'm done with my little diversion. I know I can't speak for God on this one. But it really makes me wonder if my pondering has any basis in truth.

So looking it over, perhaps on the surface it is about gardening, and the first level beneath that is about sex. But the level after that appears to be about uplifting a female, bringing her healing, and setting her in a place of maturity and authority.

Next blog post, we are going to look at an overview of Songs, where it starts and where it ends up and why I think it's about more than just sex.

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