Thursday, June 25, 2009

SOS in the Hands of the Perverted...

I have recently been made aware that a shock jock pastor has a series on the Song of Solomon.
I find this distressing to say the least.

Whether or not I slog through this preacher's 10 week series remains to be seen.

But the assertion that a certain verse is about oral sex as reported in a news piece on him, this cannot be ignored even though this has happened about two years ago and from what I understand he has repented from this and removed this teaching on this particular verse from the Internet.

But still the damage has been done. The info has gone out as a part of a teaching.

This information on this pastor is located at the link below, eighth paragraph down.

Before we get into how SOS 2:3 can be looked upon as worship to the Lord, let me give you the context and setting of this verse and prove that it is not about OS.

Chapter One of SOS is the meeting between the Lover and the Beloved. It's like love at first sight. She is drawn to Him immediately and desires to be with Him. In addition, she points to her own short comings, as mentioned in the June 10 post.

Chapter Two is Him drawing her into his world and finding His way into hers.
Their worlds begin to overlap.
For example, the famous verse 4 that follows verse 3 talks about Him bringing her into His banquet hall and His banner over her is love.
Verse 9 speaks of His visit to her home and the thrill this brings her.

Please note, very important:
Chapter Three is their wedding day.

Any sex that occurs or is alleged to occur before the middle of chapter three is fornication.

SOS is a progression of love, from meeting through wedding, through troubles that bring maturity until the end which is a deep, mutual, mature, establish love that cannot be shaken.

For a shock jock preacher to assert that SOS 2:3 is about oral sex is unacceptable.
He shows either his ignorance or his agenda or both by having the Lover and the Beloved engaging in any sexual behavior before they are even married. He has them committing fornication.

For those of us who work in the social services, his rantings sound like a sex addict slapping a "Thus saith the Lord" onto his addictions to make them acceptable rather than a pastor rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

Next post we will look more closely at SOS 2:3 and see how it can pertain to our relationship with the Lord.

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Gem said...

Thank you, Mara! I'm so glad you are blogging on Song of Solomon!

Lately, as I give SoS more thought, I've been wondering if its just as you say- an allegory of our relationship with Christ as has been held traditionally. I don't think its wrong to question traditions and throw some of them out. On the other hand tradition is not automatically "wrong". The traditional view that SoS is an allegory about the marriage of the church and Christ- the bride and the bridegroom- gives it a very edifying light.