Monday, February 8, 2010

Lovingkindness, 3

Psalm 52:1 Why do you boast in evil, O mighty man? The lovingkindness of God endures all day long.
Psalm 66:20 Blessed be God, who has not turned away my prayer, nor His lovingkindness from me.
Psalm 6:4 Return, O Lord, rescue my soul; save me because of Thy lovingkindness.

Psalm 52:1 really hit me one day. I read it and thought of all those 'tough guys' or men who do evil, hurt other people, oppress women and how they thought the were so tough. And you know, I realized that this verse is stating point blank that God is not impressed with their strength. They boast in their might and ability to get away with evil. But God, who's might far surpasses the might man's puts His stock and heart in lovingkindness, a lovingkindness that endures (has the strength to last) all day. It is far better than what any mighty man can boast in.

Love Psalm 66:20 because it assures us that God doesn't turn away our prayers from Him nor turn away His lovingkindness toward us.

And the last one, the psalmist calls on God to save him, not because the psalmist deserves it... but because of God's lovingkindness, which I'm slowly learning is one of the (if not THE) most powerful forces well ever know.

Dear God, help us to see the power and endurance of Your lovingkindness.


JaneDoeThreads said...

Mara, I need your prayers,

it seems I hit a nerve, when confronting beauty constructs in the church, now I’m being ‘censored’,

but doing more research, I am finding that this is the doorway to the whole PORN epidemic, and sadly, its the Women, who are fighting to keep out the voice of critics the most,

I will be writing on this on the blog, [click my name to go to], but what I was shocked to find, that this, is now an epidemic, laser surgeries and so forth, to YOUNG girls, at the ages of 12 even, to ‘be beautiful’,

in Asia, there are youth protesting the beauty industry for the harms to the forests, something about nail polish -taken from forests, still doing some research there, but they seem to be a bit more aware of the problem,

where here, its like, talking to a wall.

And its killing, the Souls of women. This isn’t fundies either, this is Mainstream…

and I find it interesting, that the enemy wasted No Time, in trying to shut me up, and it wasn’t even an issue I ‘planned to write on in advance’ but something there—so,

yea pray, just pray for me, because I hit on something, just not sure What yet [in its entire depth] but its Connected to the Porn culture that is taking over

the first one that attempted to silence me on this was one who is pushing Mormon [what kind I don't know], trying to make me appear 'crazy', I thought maybe it was God, but He's been showing me other wise--this is a Spiritual Warfare-LIE that is deeply embedded into our Christian mainstream culture that is FAR more dangerous, than I ever thought....

Mara Reid said...

I'll be praying Jane.

JaneDoeThreads said...

I'm seeing a lot of the influence of this 'culture' in my own life--past that is, and how Much of it, was at the core of the false beliefs and reasons, for a lot of my sinful choices, and why I am I think, able to see where the harm is in them,

it goes deeper than that of course but the whole construct and gender beauty and the 'rejection' or 'jealousies' they create, had a LOT to do, with how I viewed myself and the world and so forth,

but I didn't know just how deep those lies go, add them to a host of other things and over time they do their dirty work. They either blind with pride or they result in a belief of having to do what it takes to be affirmed, and if that doesn't work, the damage then leaves one vulnerable to compromising, their relationship with God.

What is hard to see about this, is this isn't just about the 'influence of world' but the influence in Church using scriptures[or abusing their meaning] and setting up a culture that is very deceiving, and so who really is Jesus? IF our beliefs are learned from false beliefs with God's word, how do the ignorant and those not truly repentant, know?

They don't, and THAT is why these beliefs are dangerous. And the years I was in them, thinking I was Christian, I was a HUGE stumbling block to so many...the more I see it, well, the teachings-culture is Reprobate, all there is to it.

What is horrifying is to realize and see how easy it is to embrace them.


JaneDoeThreads said...

Again, to not send a wrong message, I'm referring to the underlying lies of Culture, within the church,

when it came about I don't know, I think it may have something to do with the introduction of 'images' we see across the board--that created a type of hegemony.

Over time, with living in culture they got mixed with beliefs, adapted to, etc., personally Mara I think that reason culture poisons are so strong in deceiving us here is due to how they are dependent upon our survival in economics. Where before when people relied on God, self-reliance and land, these things were not as influential. Still pondering that one--