Monday, September 13, 2010

Off Topic, My Son

I'm not done dealing with Ephesians 5 and related topics. And hope to get back to them.
Also, we've had computer trouble and been real busy around both my home and my work so I haven't been able to keep up with much around here.

But I want to stop for a moment and appreciate my son.

He didn't start off so good.
As a boy, he had difficulty relating to his world and managed to get into more trouble than his brother and sisters.
He was the one I worried about the most, afraid he'd end up in jail, or who knows what.

But whatever troubled him when he was younger, he has, for the most part, overcome.
At the age of 19, he still has a bit of a temper and can get very impatient from time to time.

But I love talking to him.
He's deep thinker.
I talk to him about God and the Bible probably more than with my other children.

We had one such conversation last night.
He asks good questions, like, "How can we know who is right about God? Everyone believes that they are right."
And yes, my son has given his heart to Jesus in the past, on more than one occasion.

Yet, this bunch of Christians claim one thing, and that bunch of Christians claim something else. Who is right? He wants to know.

Awesome questions.

My standard answer, one that he's accustomed to is that, I, being female, have a unique perspective. I can see through much of "man made" religion. And I hold up the Muslim 40 virgins waiting in heaven as a blatantly male-centered fantasy. I haven't had a chance to point out how the reincarnation religions say that women have to be reincarnated as men before they can go onto the next step. We never get that far.

And last night, he pointed out to me the male-favoring teachings of the Bible.
To which I could confidently speak to.

I pointed out that Jesus never set up a male/female hierarchy while He walked on the earth. I also pointed out that His allowing Mary to sit at His feet an learn along with the men defied the culture He lived in.
Then I pointed out how the writers of the epistles never set up a hierarchy either. They spoke to the hierarchies that already existed. But they never told men to lead their wives. All they were interested in was trying to help people already in these structures to live as Christ-like as possible in the culture they were subject to.

This made all the sense in the world to my son.
And he said so, plainly. He really appreciated this being pointed out to him because he really does want to believe in Jesus and the God of the Bible. But some of these unfair teachings, like women can't be ordained, really bother him. They are a real stumbling block to him.

Our conversation was brought to an abrupt end by something neither of us could control.
But I can't wait for the opportunity to point out Junia and Phoebe to him at a later time, the Lord permitting.

He's the kind of young man that I don't want to push. When he's ready for information, he comes to me. And when he's ready, they he can receive what I have to say. If he's pushed, he resists.

But I'm very proud of him for his sense of fairness and justice towards women and his need for his God (and yes he believes in God and Jesus incarnate) to be fair and just to all.


JaneDoeThreads said...

Wow Mara,

did you know, the Indian [caste system] belief was brought over, back in B.C. from the northern Semite or Aryan tribes, and I was not aware of the whole females having to become 'men' until now, but you know That belief was also strong in the Gnostic s, yea in one of their gospels it says Jesus said he would make women into men BUT then Jesus was kissing all over Mary, when I read that [on the Gnosticism's site] I thought, that is just pure Plato/Greek and the whole communist lie--yea she's equal as de-gender/turned into male but Hey baby, go ahead and pass her around for sex, LOL, same ole same ole, the things MEN will say and do hey,

but I wasn't aware that that same belief was in reincarnation, huh,

well, more and more I am seeing how these beliefs that are misogynist are All tied into the ancient worship of some of the 'gods' that were Huge on pyramids and the whole Caste system that instituted Slavery with the gods on top then men of course then SEX slaves. yea, it's all starting to connect more and more

your son, has the right idea...follow the voice in our own heart and Yes that is scriptural, Old Testament, through Jesus, I will write my laws on THEIR HEARTS and CAUSE their spirits to obey me,.

the whole telling us NOT to listen to our hearts, is the LIE, because the Holy Spirit, not man, not dogma, not doctrines, leads us into All truth.



Mara Reid said...

Jane, I was really going from memory on this thing about women having to be reincarnated as men first.
I believe it was from a video explaining the Hindu (???) religion. But then I question myself and think it was from reading a book about Buddism (???)

So I can't make the claim that all reincarnation religions say this. But from what I have heard, at least one of them does.

And that, in itself, lets the cat out of the bag for me.
Ding, ding, ding, warning, warning, another manmade, male-centered religion! Beware, toxin levels rising....

Yes, I get tired of it all.
This is why we work to find the REAL Jesus and not the plastic manmade one.
Following a plastic Jesus can only make plastic sheep.
And I already had one dream warning me about becoming a plastic sheep.

JaneDoeThreads said...

OK THIS IS WEIRD, confirmation...this morning Mara, I had a flashback memory--these are usually tied into the Illuminati/occult/masonry and dark forces that were over my childhood in the 60s/in Washington D.C. and well this one I am not sure what the meaning is...though some of it I do then anyway I told Jesus, well it's JUST a jewelry box and maybe I'm just making a big deal out of nothing,

but this box you see, was the Only gift my father sent me after we left D.C. and it was one of those boxes with the ballerina that spins around, feet bound,hands over her head bound, always she turns in front of that mirror when you open the music jewelry box--you know those little ones they gave to girls, anyway so I'm seeing this little ballerina plastic doll--in front of that mirror and I ask Jesus is that the only way I'll ever truly dance, in that box, in that 'coffin', in that coffin full of jewels [which mine wasn't LOL but you get the drift] and when that box coffin closes you see that ballerina lies flat, hooked to the Spiral [also spiral staircase in monument D.C. that terrified me, it's math like with stars [space] just like the Pyramids] but anyway, mother took me there when I was little, evil, such an Evil presence there,

and well so this ballerina doll lies flat hooked feet bound to that spiral spring, with those jewels in front of that mirror, in the total Dark--box closes, she can hear the latch and then it's darkness with the jewels, pins that stick, things that look like monsters, demons, UNTIL another comes and opens up the box...

one of the torture rituals in Satanism they use and they used in Egypt and in other sacrifices was the closing children up in tombs/wells underground with spiders, etc., then they let them out, put them in, the good/evil and the confusing of them, soul splitting, etc.,

anyhow so I finally said, you know I'm just making too much of this, it's just a stupid jewel box my father sent me--and THEN you wrote this,

the plastic sheep, the plastic Jesus, the plastic


in Masonry/Shriners and all those societies they worship/rituals of those other religions/gods...= Illuminati,

I try to discount and say this is just some freak coincidence, but Then another confirmation--numerous ones through You, that are just so weird and I cannot deny that God is showing me Something, Confirming, chasing out the Giants.

thank you for sharing, now I'll just wait to see what it all means...


Jane--I read your dream, OK oh my gosh...for So long I've denied this, but this is just ONE too many confirmations..the plastic ballerina, like the sheep, is the 'mold' that they [whoever they were in my early childhood/the Venus on the wall] were molding ME into, either sorcery/or Monarch or something, on that I do not know/not enough memories and not sure I want to know...what I've read is horrific,

but there is no doubt, not anymore, there was Something going on, RA that was about molding me into something for evil, which is what they Do in those cults/satanism/masonry 33 degree, etc. Now whether this was directly or Indirectly due to the environment of D.C. at that time because Satanism was huge there in the 60s as well as the Monarch programs, I really don't know, it could very well be just the spiritual climate then and the pull of that on my family, you know I JUST don't know,

but at least I know now what to pray about.

thanks for posting this,

love Jane

Mara Reid said...


Keep safe.

I know this is stuff you just plain have to deal with. It isn't just going to go away.

At the same time, don't ever let go of the hand of Jesus as He walks through this with you, this valley of the shadow of death.

You do not have to fear any evil because He is with you.
The good work that He has started in you, He will perform it to the end.

Be blessed.

You have my prayers.

I wish I knew more to do for you. But this territory, though somewhat familiar to you, is completely alien to me.
I don't even know what the Monarch Program is.
All I know is to love Jesus and love you and hold onto Him for you, along with you.

Keep holding onto the Truth.

Mara Reid said...

What is soul splitting?

(See how ignorant I am?)

JaneDoeThreads said...

thank you Mara,

couple of things, Monarch programming was [Clinton admitted] a torture/programming military/gov did in 60s and prior where they took children, selected and tortured them until they split their souls, to form mind control in side them, to make, for example, prostitutes for gov or perfect soldiers/assassins...think Manchurian Candidate but a lot worse--taken btw from Mengele, [his torture of Jewish twins/children] Spanish Inquisition, Ancient Egypt, mostly from Hitler/Himler research of WWII. Many of course DENY this happens, it's HUGE in the occult as well, and the Monarch is said to be Occultist on the highest levels of Governments, Satanism, etc.,

the Aryans blame it on Zionists [Zionist world conspiracy], some blame it on Aliens, aka Fallen Angels who have worked with our governments [and this could be true, Biblical back up of this], some blame it on just occults and then some just deny it all together,

but the Evidence of the Bohemian Club [gov high ranking] proved this and then gov admitted it, though they said it was only top military and only to a few..etc., so Who knows how deep this all really goes.

Soul Splitting is the deliberate splitting of the brain/soul into different personalities so that they can install their mind programming through 'altars', which Biblically what I've been shown, is altars of other 'gods' or fallen angels, etc. This is done to small children through very extreme torture, sexual torture, to where the mind splits into many personalities, is fragmented, and to where the mind is then controlled by the 'handlers', they do this by torture, then kindness by one then torture and literally Train the child/youth/adult to be the string puppet controlled by the demons/fallen angels? [what I've read/researched] or aliens, or gov handlers, etc., these are what the accusations/allegations are,

and now the question is then, Why would God allow this? Well if the families are in the occult/secret societies then they are the ones doing it to their children, etc., and it's for the exchange of Power, usually government or wealth,

which Biblical this would be the sacrificing children to Molech, etc.

ancients did these rituals for certain entities they worshiped or for like blessings on crops, etc., so these tortures/sacrifices go all the way back to B.C., they aren't anything New,

they are just more modernized, more sinister and more hidden.

HOW much of this is True Mara I really do NOT know, I don't have Any memories of any gov/special ops, though my father Was military, but lower rank. What memories I DO have is a 7 to 8 foot shadow that was the Venus de Milo [like the statute] on the wall, full moon, with a black wrought iron gate, in one memory, I woke up, blinked my eyes to make her go away, thinking it was just a dream, I was about 4 or 5, it was not, I was terrified, that I do remember, she didn't go away...[see next reply]

and another memory of me naked under white sheet, with a huge either gorilla or goat type of hairy hand on my face, I had the sheet over my face, woke up, was Terrified like in a fear that I can't explain, again same age, those two memories are the worst--

and then there are the other things like being thrown into empty room and left there in dark for how long???? Being starved, etc.,

just fragments, con't

JaneDoeThreads said...

ok well getting interference here, computer shut down when I was finishing I'll wait for comment to go through, so I can read and finish what I was telling, LOL,



Mara Reid said...

I have to leave to do a visit for my work then go to my daughter's regional soft ball game. My home computer is completely unreliable.
Plus, I'll be out all day tomorrow doing visits so may not be able to get back on the computer till Friday.
Just letting you know so you won't wonder what happened to me.

But please keep telling me your story.

My God loves all children, including the children of the disobediant that the disobediant tried to destroy by their own hands. And my God loves those children, both small and all grown up and struggling to find Him (reason, truth, meaning) in the screwed world left for them by their parents.

His healing power knows no bounds. He keeps showing me this through you.

Hannah said...

Sounds like God is using your patience, and opening the doors at the right time for you.

Its awesome that he already has a good sense of justice. It also sounds like you are going to have some additional INTERESTING conversations!

JaneDoeThreads said...


send this to your son, LOL, it's Hilarious

God uses a lot of various films to minister to me too, esp comedy!

Love jane

Mara Reid said...

Okay, Jane.
That was cute.

Guess I'm just a little crazy.
I love the Junior High Sunday school.
They ask the best questions.

Some of them are so hard the only answer I have for them is, "old men with long white beards have been arguing over that one for thousands of years."

We don't have all the answers.
And I'm not afraid to say, "I don't know."


shadowspring said...

Then I pointed out how the writers of the epistles never set up a hierarchy either. They spoke to the hierarchies that already existed. But they never told men to lead their wives. All they were interested in was trying to help people already in these structures to live as Christ-like as possible in the culture they were subject to.

Yes! Why was I never taught this? You are a wise mom. =)

shadowspring said...

I had a rough night after reading all of Jane's comments and recently readying The Handmaid's Tale and well, just knowing how wicked people can be. Ugh.

So I hope by writing this out it will get out of my consciousness. Yes, the Indian caste system was brought over by Aryan peoples in (what was it, 2500 B C?) ancient times.

I am also reading The Fall of Patriarchy: Its Broken Legacy Judged by Jesus & the Apostolic House Church Communities , which in a less historically inclusive way than Jane's posts, points out that hierarchical/misogynist power mongering IS THE CURSE that sin brought into the world.

May the triumph of Jesus Christ over hierarchies and patriarchies be manifest in the earth! We need the life of God to revolutionize these power-mongers so very desparately.

Okay, going to go think on those things that are pure, praiseworthy and virtuous now. Peace out. =)

Mara Reid said...

My nineteen year old son just turned twenty yesterday.
:( :) :( :) (<-mixed emotions)

shadowspring said...

Twenty! That's great! In only a few more years the part of his brain that controls impulsive behavior and accurately assesses risk will be fully mature! Woo hoo!

Lolz My oldest turns twenty soon as well. My baby no longer...

Mara Reid said...

My oldest turns 22 next month.

I read your dream on your blog and I'm going to comment and leave a link to one of my dreams here that I feel goes along with it.
Sad, sad revelation about the hearts of men.

shadowspring said...

A post about apple trees. =)

JaneDoeThreads said...

Hi Mara,

just wanted to let you know I moved your blog listing on my blog to the 'women doing great things' near the top, I am revising my blog and deleting a lot of segments on the blog bar to make room for other things, and most of the sites I had I can find from your blog [other blog sites, etc], so,

thought I'd let you know, in case you go out there and see much removed, I'm moving the blogs to the top section. Love,


JaneDoeThreads said...

sorry that's 'women making a difference section near the top',

anyway will be revising, I'm leaning more towards the issues I began with, environment, poverty, etc., the whole gender and church, all that I'm removing,

the blogs on the bar all have those links so....ok then,



Mara Reid said...

As always, Jane. I'm honored.
All though I don't feel much like I'm making a difference these days. Been so busy and computer has been having so many problems