Friday, July 13, 2012

Wilson Fell over the Cuckoo's Edge

Yep, Doug Wilson fell over the edge some time ago. This part is clear. What isn't clear is why people still support the man. Why does John Piper and Mark Driscoll support him? What is wrong with these and other men? And women? I could venture several guesses. But rather than do that, I'll just link a post up at The Wartburg Watch that lays things out for those who wonder at my alarm over this supposed representation of Christianity.

Doug Wilson: Fashionable Calvinista Has Disturbing Views on Slavery

John Piper thinks that Doug Wilson is brilliant and the people around him are dumb. Here's proof. Check it out starting around the one minute mark.

John Piper on Doug Wilson

(Driscoll and that other dweeb that fist bump behind Piper must think Wilson and Piper are brilliant and everyone who doesn't agree is dumb, too.)

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