Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Real Plagiarism in "Real Marriage"?

Speaking of "Real Porn" er... I mean "Real Marriage"...

It appears that portions of what Grace wrote were actually from another book that is not given credit.

The portions under question have nothing to do with the porn in other sections but is actual helpful info for the wounded soul. At least they were helpful to Grace.

Because those portions are helpful and because I'm so concerned about the wounded heart, part of me is glad to see evidence of her receiving healing some how from somewhere.

But, as WTH points out, plagiarism it plagiarism and I'm disappointed that the actual helpful parts of this book fall under this category.

Real Marriage Chapter 7, Part 2: Comparing Grace Driscoll's writing to Don Adler's writing from the Wounded Heart

Looks like Don Adler's "Wounded Heart" might be a good read. Like I said, I have a great concern for the inner healing of all the members of the Body of Christ.

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Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

What I find troublesome about Grace Driscoll's appropriation of Dan Allender's terms and concepts is not simply that she never gives him any credit, it's that during 2011 when the Driscoll book was in its run-up for promotional touring Mars Hill Graduate School changed its name to remove "Mars Hill". 2011 was also the same year that cease and desist letter got sent out. It cumulatively raises the question of whether or not Mars Hill leadership isn't a bit more cavalier about the intellectual property of other people than it wishes to be about its own content. I find the Mars Hill double standard about the sadness of others copying Mars Hill material while not acknowledging Grace Driscoll's clearly testified debt to the work of Dan Allender puzzling. All it would have taken was a single footnote or endnote, after all.