Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Sexocentric Marriage" by Mark Driscoll

Also known as "Real Marriage" by Mark and Grace Driscoll.

Because, you see, according to Driscoll, lots of sex makes a good marriage in the mind of a husband. Sex is the center of a good marriage, hence the use of my clumsy, made-up, mock Latin word "sexocentric". Because it is Sexocentric marriages that Mark promotes in his book.

He says on page 164 that: "For a wife, sex comes out of a healthy relationship, whereas, for a husband it leads to one."

What, you say? Did I actually read the book to find this quote? No, I absolutely did not. I left that for the experts Wenatchee the Hatchet (WTH) and Wendy and Andy Alsup who, as former members of Driscoll's church, have kept and eye on him.

The Alsups state in their review on Mark's Sexocentric Marriage book that if for some reason Grace would become incapable of providing Mark with all the sex he needed or wanted or be incapable of any sex at all, "If that became the case, the majority of their marriage book would be useless to them."

I say all this for a reason.

I want to direct your attention to WTH's article discussing this in a bit more detail with the added information concerning Pastor Bill Clem who resigned from Mars Hill in 2013 and who also preached to single men on how to be able to love their (future) wives in non-sexual ways.

Mark Driscoll on Bill Clem leaving in 2013, Clem on ovarian cancer treatment and the need for husbands to love wives in non-sexual ways


Bella said...

I frankly find it perverse that male pastors need to talk about sex to their congregations. What on earth happened to intimacy and PRIVACY and why would anyone think that their pastor (eeeeuuuuuuwwww) would know how THEY should conduct their sex lives.

Not only is this perverse but it is hypocritical. Women are expected not to dress provocatively (a highly subjective term) in order not to excite fellow male congregation members, but aparently its OK to talk about sex on a Sunday morning with the gloves off?

Call me old-fashioned, heck, call me a heretic, but I think discussions about a couple's sex life should be private or with a counsellor who has at least some clinical experience and EXPERTISE!!

I blame Tim and Beverly La Haye and their book 'The Act of Marriage'.

I remember reading it in the 80s as a young single having not yet met my husband. I think about the kinds of things I read back then and i cringe. Surprisingly, many reviewers of the same book think of it as very helpful. Frankly, I think we need to look at the source, and stop looking to pastors to fix every darn issue in our lives. They are not God's answer to every single difficulty we face.

Mara Reid said...

Well said, Bella.
Well said.

Driscoll is a smooth operator.
He knows sex sells. He's out to make money and build a great kingdom unto himself. He knows what he's doing.
It's time for people to become aware of the money changers in the temple.