Friday, September 11, 2015

Doug Wilson's Other Protected Pedophile

I guess Wilson has a special place in his heart for Pedophiles. He works so hard to protect them and keep them safe. He believes their lies and false repentances. He minimizes their sins while magnifying every small imperfection of the victims and, in some cases, the parents of the victims.

Perhaps Wilson should back away from doing church and open a foster home for poor, down-trodden, unloved pedophiles. This home could include a dating service or courtship service so he can find those pedophiles young virgins to exploit in marriage because those pedophiles obviously don't have the gift of celibacy and must marry so they don't burn with passion.

Joking aside, I am appalled at Wilson's actions in the Sitler case.

Now I'm appalled all over again as I'm finding out about Wilson's deep involvement in the Jamin Wight case.

I have two links concerning this case to share.
First the letter Wilson sent the father of Wight's  victim.

Letter on Christ Church Stationary

Next, Wight's victim's reflections in light of the latest news on Sitler case.

When Doug Wrote My Father

I have not read all the way through the second. One of the reasons I have a blog is so that I can find these things later and look at them more thoroughly. But at first glance I see a young lady who is trying to love God and live right in spite of the being abused first by a pedophile and then by Doug Wilson.

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Mara Reid said...

I saw your link. I'll get to that article when I can.