Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Worst Abuse?

When considering the different kinds of abuse, what is the worst?

There is physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, and spiritual to name a few.

I've heard the abused say that physical abuse is bad, but emotional or sexual abuse are worse. The say the reason is because physical abuse damage the body, but emotional and sexual abuse damage the soul. And this damage makes it hard to connect with other people.

I also have read about spiritual abuse. One woman who was abused by a pastor was told that she needed to have faith. When "they" told her this her heart sank. She wrote that she couldn't have faith because the part of her that was made to have faith had been destroyed.

Remembering what I do about this woman and coupling it with what I read in Carolyn Jessop's book, "Escape" (read previous post), I've come to a conclusion. Spiritual abuse is the worst of all because it can warp, destroy, or otherwise damage the part of us that connects us to our Creator.


Hannah said...

You have a good point.

I think spiritual abuse encompasses other types as well.

Being separated from God is the worse.....I agree!

Molly Aley said...

I really appreciated your words on Complegalitarian today. Thank you.

Mara Reid said...

Thanks for swinging by.
Sorry I've been so scarce and only now have seen your comment.
I hope that whatever is troubling your family will decrease and/or go away.
May you find your feet again.