Monday, May 24, 2010

Kinda Busy, But....

My words are appearing elsewhere and all my regulars are are welcome to go see them if they wish.
Christian woman bloggers are popping up everywhere and doing a better job at defending the freedom God has for His daughters better than anything I could come up with.

Our numbers are growing ladies.
It's a good thing too. The more hands the better. It makes it easier on the rest of us.


Gem said...

Cool! :)

When you have time again,
I enjoy and appreciate your contribution, Mara. You strike me as calm and deep. I admire both but am especially drawn to your calm. Reading your devotions is soothing.

You might enjoy browsing through Bob McDonald's notes on SoS if you have a few minutes sometime. He is kindred with you in "calm", I think:

Mara Reid said...

I glanced over there, Charis. When I get more time, I'll go back and sink my teeth in.


And thanks for the encouragement!