Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Little Spring Cleaning/New Feature

I've been so impressed with the increase I see of women, Christian bloggers.
So, since May has more or less been about falling back and regrouping a bit for me, as a new feature on my blog, I've added a blog list of some of my favorite women bloggers. Emphasis on some. The list is below the 'recent comments' list.

This is an incomplete and in process list. I'll be adding as I continue to discover and rediscover these wonderful women of faith. Women who are not satisfied with the status quo but are interested in really taking hold of God and Ministry and fighting against prejudice, injustice and oppression. They all have their own manner of dealing with these issues. But they all have a drive and passion for what they are doing. Their voices are honest and needed in these times.


Gem said...

Awe Shucks...
Thanks for you vote of confidence, Mara!

Mara Reid said...


I just saw where you are taking a summer break from blogging.

Oh, well. I'm happy for you and your summer courses and the new things you get to learn.

Come back in the fall and start blogging again with the added wisdom of another summer.
I'll know when you do because you'll jump from the bottom of the list to the top!

Anybody know what is going on with Molly?

Will she be blogging again any time soon?