Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hillary is (one of) my hero(s) Part 1

If you haven't notice, there has been quite a stir over Hillary McFarland's book "Quivering Daughters".

You can get a bit of an idea about it at these two locations:

Both of the above links will give you the link to the blog that has put up a very negative review of Hillary's book by one of the big promoters of the Patriarchy movement in Christian and home school circles.

Now, before I get into why Hillary is my hero, or at least one of my heroes, I want to direct your attention toward a post on No Longer Qivering by Sierra:

If you have the chance, read the whole post by Sierra. It's very good.
It draws the parallel between the Patriarchy/Quiver full community and a ghost town, once you decide not to follow their formula of Christianity.

But there were a few lines from Sierra's awesome post that I want to draw attention to.

Sierra: "Stories about valor and courage never tell you that the hero feels like the villain most of the time. There is no doublespeak in heroic tales. Heroes don’t feel like if they’d sit down, shut up, cover up, hide, give birth, nod, smile, listen, clean, serve, serve, serve, obey, worship, then none of this would have happened. Valorous persons never feel like they’re the ungrateful, hard-hearted, demon-possessed, selfish, bitter, angry, defensive ones, right?"


"Living with disapproval means only those who have left burning buildings themselves, or those who come to love their new found survivor, will admire the resolve it took to survive. "

I am one of those who sees what it took to survive, to come out of the Patriarchy movement and deal with the disapproval those in the movement are experts as heaping on their victims.

Now if you will humor me one more quote from Sierra's post on No Longer Qivering, I want to point out a little more.
Concerning the ghosts left in the rubble and destruction of the ghost town she says:

Sierra: "The ghosts will never forgive you – their hearts run with spirit, not blood, and they need no walls to protect their vital organs. They can run right through you with accusations, day after night after day, and never tire. But you tire, because you’re still alive."

Well, there is one really big ghost, a champion of the Patriarchy movement who has taken on Hillary. It's a queen bee, big mama ghost who has started an entire blog just to attack Hillary's book. And that's the blog my friends Lewis and Darcy link to in their blogs, the two blogs I linked to at the very first.

I want to get more into why Hillary is my hero. But I will reserve that for another post.


Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama said...

So, so true! Sierra's words are so fitting for the persecution that is aimed at Hillary right now.

I'm so glad we're on the side of the living and have left the ghost town and its ghosts behind.

Mara Reid said...

Sierra's post was sooo timely, I had to make the connection.

This sort of thing goes on all the time on a small scale and in private to all the escapees.

Now we've gotten to see it on a large scale. An entire blog is being developed to shame Hillary and all other girls into "sit down, shut up, cover up, hide, give birth, nod, smile, listen, clean, serve, serve, serve, obey," or be considered, "ungrateful, hard-hearted, demon-possessed, selfish, bitter, angry..."

This is not the gospel that sets us free.
This is religion used to control.

Lewis said...

This is not the gospel that sets us free.
This is religion used to control.

Bingo. Well put.

shadowspring said...

Yes, she is a gem. And so are you Mara! =)

Mara Reid said...

Aw shucks, Shadow.

And you had no idea that my next post will be mentioning others that I consider to be heroes along with Hillary. Nor did you have any idea that I planned on mentioning you among them.

Oh well, so much for keeping it secret. I just had to get it off my chest that the very ones members of the Patriarchy movemnet call rebellious are the ones I call heroes.

I want to be a support to those heroes and cheer them on to counter balance the persecution being spewed by those who have no clue.

Lewis, you know it.
I don't know how many ways we can say the same Truth over and over.
But we gotta keep saying it.
So much falsehood is being handed out as truth in the name of God.
We gotta keep after exposing it for what it is.