Monday, May 9, 2011

Strong Men, My Brother

I'm proud of my younger brother and could make a very long list of the reasons why.

But for the sake of my strong man series, I want to relate one, on-going story, that makes me know what sort of man he is and how he views women.

My brother's wife, Tracy, also has a brother. But her brother isn't nearly as decent as my brother. In fact, some of the stories of her growing up that she has told me have rather been upsetting.

Tracy is an awesome person and has many friends. Her brother hasn't been able to keep good friends, and has been jealous of Tracy and her friends. But as Tracy puts it, he's always been jealous of her but never wanted to be her friend. She has male cousins who have been far better 'brothers' to her than her biological brother ever was.

Tracy's family, her mother and father, herself, and my brother, have put up with a lot of bad behavior from Tracy's brother over the years.

Until finally my brother had enough and put his foot down. Tracy's brother had insulted one of Tracy's dear friends and was even lying about her in front of 'the guys'. My brother stood up to him, called him on the lies and told Tracy's brother that he would not stand by and let this man slander this woman unchallenged.

Tracy's brother didn't like it that my brother didn't play along with the he-man woman haters club game.

There is much more history that follows than I can't relate here. But one thing led to another and my brother finally told Tracy's brother that he's not welcome in their house until he learns how to treat people .

My sister-in-law, Tracy, feels loved and well protected from her brother that doesn't know how to be a brother to any woman.

So my hat is off to my brother, one of my heroes. And I figured he would be a good one to start off this series.

My strong men series is about men who I'm proud to call brothers because they are real brothers as opposed the the small, insecure men who are more concerned with making themselves overlords of women than being brothers.

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Thank-you so much for doing this series! I long so much to know strong men, who are not strong at the expense of women, who do not explain that they must have the compliance of their wives for them to feel strong/manly.