Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lies (some) Men Believe About Women

As I gear up for my trip out west, I have little time to put my thoughts down on this blog.
But I still get on line from time to time and come across some really good stuff.
A lot of what is going on in my blog roll is good, although I have one sad note.
My friend Charis, who comments as Gem here, is closing down her blog, "A Wife's Submission". Her thoughts on these things will be sorely missed. But as happens from time to time, we have to move on. And that is what she's has to do.

Also, I often visit Sierra's blog via Lewis's blog roll. She comes at dealing with fundamentalism from a different angle. Her post today touches on things I believe deal with what we talk about here. One of those things is the structures set up by men concerning women that have little to do with what women really think or the real reasons women do things. I could go on and explain, but Sierra at "The Unspoken Words" does a much better job. So if you have time, hop over and give her blog a view.


Anonymous said...

This is Sierra - thank you for the link. I added you to my blogroll. :)

Mara Reid said...

Thanks, Sierra.
And for the three remaining people who check in here from time to time...
Greetings, from Wahoo, Nebraska. I'm on the the last leg of my trip and hope to return home soon and blog again.