Saturday, July 30, 2011


Both Darcy and Hillary are talking about the drive among patriarchs to make women... wives, daughters... weak and helpless. (see links below). I am worried about this in church and outside church.
My daughters were into the Twilight series and the emotionally needy Bella was concerning me. So I was delighted to see this montage of Buffy the Vampire Slayer verses Edward. I showed it to my daughters and now my youngest and I are watching the Buffy series on Netflix and last night we watched season 3 episode 20 where Buffy was voted "Class Protector" and given a cute, little, pink umbrella.
I feel it is important to show my daughters images of strong, capable, heroic women to counter balance both culture and the bad things going on in CBMW and Patrio land.

Anyway, females are not weak. Have you ever seen a mama bear robbed of her cubs? Me neither, but I've heard about it more than once and from the sound of it, it can get pretty bad.
Anyway, here is Buffy vs Edward, first. And below that Hillary's and Darcy's posts on the topic.


Darcy said...

Loved the video!! I had to share it on Facebook. :)

Mara Reid said...

Spread the word.
Women can be powerful.
And from what I read, God wants them to be powerful.

Anonymous said...

Awesome mashup! I'm looking forward to checking out "Buffy" as soon as I can get my hands on a copy of season one.

Can't say I'm as excited about the misreading of Stephenie Meyer's writing that's going on in the guise of feminist literary criticism. Please check out this blog to see what I mean.

Mara Reid said...

I'll look into your link.

One word of caution about Buffy. Willow, one of our favorite characters, gets involved with Wicca, probably in a later season. Not a big deal for me and my daughter because she's not interested in that sort of thing, but I want people to be aware of it

Rachel said...

I read this post just as I was watching "Prom" -- the Buffy episode you referenced. <3 What a divine appointment.

Mara Reid said...

Rachel, I hope your spirit leaped and it inspired you onward toward your goals and callings, whatever they are.