Friday, October 14, 2011

Off Topic, Viking Break

I still have a few comments on Wenatchee's guest post on Driscoll.
But going into the weekend, I thought I'd share a clip on Vikings.
I think it is up on Bing for two reasons.
The movie "Avengers" has Thor in it who was a Viking deity.
And apparently, because of the movie, some people are dressing up as Vikings for Halloween.
Those who have been with me know that my heritage is Danish and I like a few of the things that have been passed down to me. A few other things, not so much.

But one thing I'm proud of is number seven on their count down of things you didn't know about Vikings which is...

#7 Viking women were the most respected of their time. They could even pick and divorce their own husbands.

So, anyway, going into the weekend, I thought I'd share something a little off-topic

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