Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kevin Swanson's Verbal Abuse of Women

I didn't get much involved in the Kevin Swanson controversy. I just haven't had a lot of time lately and others were doing such a good job of covering it. He really stuck his foot in his mouth, spreading falsehoods and being deceitful, like the false prophets of old.

But I didn't really get how devastating and crushing his words were until Julie Anne laid it out for me and made me remember a friend of mine who lost her child while it was still in her womb. She gave birth to a dead baby and the mourning that she went through... It was monumental.

Thanks Julie Anne for reminding me of this with your story. It shines the light on how despicable Kevin Swanson really is.

My Response to Kevin Swanson

And for more info, if you missed all this:

Kevin Swanson and Womb Tomb Babies

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