Thursday, May 23, 2013

Neo-Reform Leaders Need to Man-Up

At least that is what one commenter said on the Wartburg Watch.

In fact I liked Dana's comment so well, I think I'll post it here. Hope Dana doesn't mind.

"The NeoRefomed leaders need to “man up” and follow Wendy since she is the first example of manly leadership from that camp. She said what needed to be said in exactly the right way with the right tone. I often thank God for Wendy Alsup. May she prosper and flourish and be strengthened in every way."

Comment found here Link.

The Wendy that Dana is referring to is one of the few Complementarians in my blog list. She writes at Practical Theology for women. She's on my list because she actually cares about justice, mercy, and faithfulness (Matthew 23:23)
Here is her post that needs more than 29 comments (at the time of this post):

The Elephant in Our Own Backyard

I agree with Dana. Wendy is the first example of manly leadership that we see from this camp. The men ignoring the tears of the abused children of SGM should be ashamed of themselves.

If there is any hope for the Neo-Reformed camp, it lies with their women. Too bad the best known leaders among them are working so damn hard to marginalize them and put them down and searching out scripture for new ways to lord over them.

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