Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Patriocentric Colors Shining Forth

There is a great big controversy over at Thatmom.

Some holier than thou patriarch had come and tried to put her in her place calling her "some woman" in a derogatory manner.

For some reason my 'thatmom' link isn't working for me so to get the latest scoop head on over to "Spiritual Sounding Board" to read about:

Discernment: You, Some Woman, and Phil Johnson

You can see the comment under thatmom's latest blog post if you can get the link to work for you.


Lana Hobbs said...

i read that comment. didn't he say something like 'just a random homeschool mom, who are you'. ugh, it made me feel sick to my stomach.

Mara Reid said...

The arrogance and self-righteousness is nothing short of nauseating.

And his spiritual blindness is to be pitied. Hopefully it will inspire some sort of prayer in us. Either for his eyes to be opened or for those that he (thinks he) is in charge of will somehow get out from under his religeous oppression.