Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Trust Her or Control Her?

Partnership or Possession?

Kristen from Wordgazer's Words has left a comment under my last post that I don't want people to miss. So I'm going to copy and paste it here for you all.

"Good link there, and good points. I have become convinced that possibly the most foundational motive and driving force in male-female relations throughout history has been the desire of the man for certainty that he is the father of the child the woman bears. Since a woman's biology guarantees certainty of what children are hers, and a man has no such certainty, he has two choices-- trust her, or control her. Culturally men have overwhelmingly chosen the latter. The easiest way is to make the woman the property of the man and to enforce the strictest possible regulations to keep her womb exclusive to him. When Jesus came living and acting as if women were people and not property, He upended the whole system. Institutional Christianity has done its best ever since to regain and hold the cultural status quo."

I added the bold type to certain words.

Another phrase from the Bible, "Perfect Love casts out fear".

The love that humans have for one another is flawed and full of fear. Men who cannot trust women will either abandon them or try to control them.

Jesus did neither. He simply loved them.


Kristen said...

Thank you for featuring my comment! I think it's also interesting how, after turning the woman into property so that he could control her (because he was unwilling to trust her) man (as a collective) then came up with all kinds of reasons and justifications why woman (as a collective)could not be trusted and needed to be controlled. Man called woman deceitful, easily deceived, unable to control her passions, full of wiles, etc., etc. Read any Christian father, medieval sage or early Jewish rabbi-- they all say stuff like this about women.

Mara Reid said...

Yep, there are all sorts of justification for injustice toward women. But they are based in the man's fear and insecurity, NOT in women being more sinful than men.

All have sinned and fallen short.
One sex is NOT more fallen than the other.