Friday, June 28, 2013

Viewing Uterus Control through Anthropology

I'll tell you what.

The quote on No Longer Quivering by Vaugh Ohlman has opened a can of worms with me. It is very hard to sit by and watch that much blatant ignorance and misguided self-righteousness on parade go by without pointing out how stupid it is.

Tell you what, Vaugh. You can either be a Christian or a Patriarch on a vendetta to defend your fleshly, cultural privilege. You can't be both. You can't do both. They cannot peacefully coexist.

The only place the New Testament talks about control is in Galatians where it mentions self-control as a fruit of the Spirit. No where in the Gospels or Epistles does it mention that you should have control over another person. And Jesus specifically commands that you not seek to control others in Matthew 23:8-10 and Luke 22:25-27. Look those scriptures up, Vaugh, because you apparently are quite unfamiliar with the words of Jesus, the One you claim to follow and represent as a Christian.

Now on to the Anthropology lesson you so desperately need. (Hope you learned from your history lesson in the last post.)

The Womb of Woman: Gateway of Life, Guardian of Culture
(A lesson in which Vaugh should realize that what he promotes is a worldly view rather than Christian)

Learn you lessons, Vaugh. This way you won't look like such a bitter, vindictive old cuss. And if you are a really good student, you might actually be able to 'do' Christianity the way Jesus taught rather than the way taught by violent men who have forcefully entered and seize the kingdom for themselves. (Matthew 11:12)

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Kristen said...

Good link there, and good points. I have become convinced that possibly the most foundational motive and driving force in male-female relations throughout history has been the desire of the man for certainty that he is the father of the child the woman bears. Since a woman's biology guarantees certainty of what children are hers, and a man has no such certainty, he has two choices-- trust her, or control her. Culturally men have overwhelmingly chosen the latter. The easiest way is to make the woman the property of the man and to enforce the strictest possible regulations to keep her womb exclusive to him. When Jesus came living and acting as if women were people and not property, He upended the whole system. Institutional Christianity has done its best ever since to regain and hold the cultural status quo.