Monday, April 7, 2014

Comment from Former MH Volunteer

For several years I have watched the happenings at Mars Hill from a distance. I wondered how long this was going to keep going, how long could Mark weasel his way in the spotlight pretending to the world that he was an integrity filled pastor.

There was a comment on Throckmorton's blog on an old post that I think is worth looking at but I'm afraid it might be lost so I want to link it here.

InklingBooks comment on Throckmorton.

There are some interesting quotes from the comment.

This first one is about MH's claim to be a church reaching the lost. (Hint: It's not. At least not anymore.)

"On one Sunday a few years ago, they asked everyone who'd become a Christian through MH to stand. I looked around. Only about two or three people out of a hundred were standing. I never saw that asked again. The image and the reality had clashed, so conceal the reality. That's one of MH core ills."

And this concerning MD's cutthroat way of building MH:

"To grow MH, Driscoll was preaching and promoting MH is such a way that he was weakening other churches in the area and later in other cities."

And this concerning Driscoll's serious anger problem:

"Driscoll has mountains of rage inside him that seem to shift their targets over time."

And this concerning who Driscoll thinks the leaders in the church should be (Hint: Not Women):

"One of my frustrations with the children's ministry was that they put young (and often single) male interns over it rather that capable, experienced mothers."

I and several others have been sounding the alarm that all is not right with Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill. So many have tried to defend him and turn the tables on us saying that we were the ones with the problems, that we were jealous and getting in the way of the work of God.

There are still those defending him. But they are becoming fewer and looking more ridiculous all the time.

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