Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Sins of Patriarchy

Patriarchy has a very dark and putrid underbelly.

The smiling faces of the model families featured in magazines and on websites are used to hide the sins of the 'patriarchs'. But the sins are there taking advantage of the very women and girls they claim to protect.

Doug Phillips, a chief patriarch and patriarchy pusher, used his position and his doctrine to sexually abuse a young lady for years in both her home and his.

Now she is filing a lawsuit against him for lying to her and using and abusing her sexually.

Pastor accused of 'using nanny as a sex object'

I hope this sends a message loud and clear to all the self-serving, self-important, and entitlement-assuming patriarchs out there. The false doctrine of patriarchy that you worship and serve is being exposed. It will not save you on your day of reckoning.

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