Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

This day before Christmas Eve I want to wish all who stop through a

Merry Christmas

Christmas, as it relates to my understanding of Song of Solomon is...
Well, it's like looking at the baby pictures of the one you have fallen in love with. Jesus knew when we were conceived. He saw us in our mother's womb and was there the day we were born. The Christmas Story is Him sharing His conception and birth with us since we couldn't be there not being omnipresent and infinite like Him. ;)

I've started posts that carry on the idea from Song of Solomon of Ascending and Revealing but as expressed in other portions of scripture. However, instead of starting a series in the middle of everybody's holidays, we'll start afresh after the first of the year.

Until then, keep focusing and celebrating on the miraculous conception and birth of the Lover of our souls.


Gem said...

Merry Christmas, Mara :)
Looking forward to your continued blogging

Love, Charis

JaneDoeThreads said...

Merry Christmas Mara,

hope its a restful one. I didn't go all out on Christmas this year, regarding family, been chewing on 'why' a lot, because usually I just go all out, etc., indulging the children, home, etc., and this year, just couldn't get into the attitude of it. Not sure if its due to so many being out of work, homeless, or if its because I have been moving away from materialism and 'this life' since being in the Word every day. Not sure, really, but something has changed, in me, my perspectives,

I look around me and see all the 'stuff' you know, Why all the years I had to have and acquire the 'stuff', though it may have been cheap or free, why it seemed necessary then to acquire it yet, it brought me no happiness--in fact I wanted to commit suicide, so often,

and so lately I've been pondering over just how much we are literally brainwashed with images of 'stuff' and 'glamor' and all the 'you must haves' and how it all leads to nothing but emptiness, even Christmas has become consumed with it---

and just How much of it all, we Women, have been brainwashed, literally, into the belief that its OUR job, to prep the beautiful home and the beautiful meals and the beautiful image/ourselves and the great gifts and all that,

and just how Tired I was, every single year, ON Christmas day, from doing all of that, plus more, and Why? It was all but forgotten two days later,

and the children took it for granted. As did the husband, so did I do all that for them, or to fulfill some 'fantasy expectation' that I had, I don't know, and Where did those expectations come from?

Meanwhile there is shelters who need volunteers and homeless who need places to live and so forth--so lately I've been rethinking what being a Christian 'wife' and 'mother' is really Supposed to be--and think, that maybe what is needed is to junk the 'stuff' and to put into life more of the living for others--Literally, rather than living to acquire and to meet expectations that will all 'burn up anyway', know what I mean,

anyway, been really thinking deep and hard on these things of late, maybe because for so many years I thought those things were the 'essence' of life and measurement of how one was doing with God--you know, that if you work hard and be moral God will bless you, etc.,
I believe that is a false teaching now, and that its one of the big deceptions, that it misses it entirely, Why were were created to begin with. Service, to really be a servant, and What does that mean, exactly?

So, well, hmmmm, anyway, have a Restful and Reflective Christmas. It has snowed here, and I believe it would be nice, on Christmas day, to make some seed-honey sticks for the neighborhood birds, and to give back, to nature, and to God this year, just to thank Him. Maybe even make a bird house or two...

[think either old age is getting to me or something, LOL]

Love, Jane