Monday, April 5, 2010

Where Have I Been This Time

I haven't been able to finish my short series on restoration because I've been busy. But in a good way.

My daughter was nominated to go to Washington to be part of the National Young Leaders Conference.

It was hard work getting her ready and hard to watch an air plane whisk her away to Washington D.C. But she had an awesome time and learned a lot. But most important, she learned about being a leader, something I want for all my children.

So I apologize for being absent. But thanks for being understanding the needs of my family and my dedication to helping my children achieve success.


shadowspring said...

That's so cool. Glad your daughter had both the honor and the experience of being chosen for the leadership conference. =)

Gem said...

Very Cool! 8)

Mara Reid said...


The opinions of you strong ladies means a lot to me.

Alaska Molly said...


That is so cool. :)