Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cheese Balls and Stuck Cars

My daughter's car is still stuck in the snow. Even with help from her brother and a guy friend.

My son managed to get his car out, without help.

They used sand under my daughter's tires to try to get some traction.

My son used a frozen lump of sand that my daughter and her friend rejected. He also threw some stale cheese balls left over from Christmas under the wheels. He got his car out.

Now the joke around our house is that cheese balls are good for getting cars unstuck from deep snow.

So around here, cheese balls are the Windex of getting cars out of the snow.
You know, Windex, like in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".
Well, if you haven't seen that movie, here's the opening scene for your enjoyment.

(The part about Windex shows up around marker point 4:45)

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