Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting Snowed In

Anybody else getting snowed in?

Work and school got out early yesterday. No work or school today for me and the kids. I said a little prayer for my husband because he went on into work anyway.

I had mixed emotions about him going.
He was grumpy, so I really didn't want him around. On the other hand, I sure didn't want him to end up in a ditch or worse.
Thus the prayer. But my prayers are far more honest than they used to be.
I used to buy into the, 'never tear your husband down' crap to the point that I couldn't even be honest with God when my husband acted like a jerk.
Now I'm very honest. I told God, after my husband left for work that, yeah he was being a grumpy gus and I didn't want to be snowed in the same house as him. But even so, I don't want anything bad to happen to him. I prayed that angels would guide his pick-up and keep him safe on the road.

Honesty is so much better than walking on eggshells, thinking that if you say anything the least bit negative, then you expose yourself to all sorts of judgement or your 'covering' is hindered/removed or you bring curses on yourself or whatever other 'religious' things men threaten women with in order to protect their fragile egos.

My husband is much better prayed for than he used to be because I can be blunt, straight forward, and painfully honest, if I have to.


supernalquest said...

I appreciate this. It has only been the last year or so that my eyes have been opened and I'm able to be honest about my situation. I'm still not good at confrontation (which is sometimes necessary) because that phrase about a "contentious and angry woman" gets me, but I feel as if I've finally woken up from a stupor.

Mara Reid said...

I know what you are saying.

I've heard preachers talk about women being contentious and/or having a bitter root.

What many men don't realize is that when women aren't allowed to be honest with men, when it's the men who are being the contentious, that is the perfect set up for developing a bitter root.
It really is better for men when they make space for their women to deal honestly with their emotions rather than telling them to "keep sweet" and "joyfully submit".

Stuffing it only makes it worse and sets things up for a much bigger explosion later.

And for men who won't make room for honesty, oh well, too bad. We've got to be honest anyway. If not with our men, then at the very least, with God.
It saves them a whole host of hurt when we spill our guts to God.

JaneDoeThreads said...

LOL, no Animal, hibernates together as male-female, it's NOT NATURE, nature = Lord God's Design!

Not only that, female bears, I just learned, don't stay together at all, they Only come together during mating and a female can have cubs with numerous different father bears through out her life, same with Most animals...though She is a very Attentive mother and the Bond between mother-cub/animal is Very strong.

I find it interesting that we Humans have been forced to go Against nature, not saying we are Exactly like the animals AND to warn here, when observing Nature there tends to be a thing [esp with men and hedonists] to pick out a few animal groups and use them as THE nature-reference point for All human species, which is false Because the Native Indians, only referred to those animal species/nature IN their environment, which is Why there was/is the Diversity Under One Great Spirit. But WE have enough knowledge today to study All animal species/geological environments to find which is OUR harmony for Where we live, etc., and to live within that harmony,

and to also find things in common, and hibernation IS one of those things, female animal species [of most] do tend to hibernate or nest alone [siblings/babies however Can hibernate/nest together]...Now one might say, but Humans are different? Really, under OT law, God made room for the female species to have a ROOM OF HER OWN,

during her menstrual, what MEN called unclean [LOL] I believe, was God's way of via Nature, connecting or Preserving rather, the instinctual need for Females to yes,

hibernate and nest in a Room/Space of her own...the way God intended when females were created. It's not Natural, for a man to be all over a woman's space 24 hours 7 days a week, Never way,

and Never will be.!



Mara Reid said...

I feel the same way about menstration and childbirth.

It may have been called 'unclean' but really it was a good way to get men to back off a little and give women space, especially if she had a baby girl. Then she had even more time to bond with that little girl.

Gem said...

Yep, pretty much snowed in here too. School was cancelled. Teenagers slept in until 1, and younger ones played.

My husband was home, but working on reports, phone calls, and attending a webinar. He's has not been such a bear lately. He dug out my car because I did have to mind my Town Clerk office for a few hours this am (It's only a mile away). AND he even cooked dinner because I had some more town work to do at home plus some work for my college classes.

I had to fight to get these changes, though.

Mara, I think you would enjoy Paul Burleson's new series on marriage: http://vtmbottomline.blogspot.com/

Mara Reid said...

I bopped over there for a minute and plan to get back when I can.

I liked Paul when he commented on Wayne's site.

I see that some of the people who used to go to Wayne's now comments on Paul's.

Hannah said...

I'm still recovering from shoveling 3.5 ft of snow on our driveway. lol my back and arms are SORE! Our lab is loving every minute of the deep snow. He's goofy!

I liked the article on his site about function and form.

The principal of that could be used with my snow shovel. The snow shovel has a function - which most know. The form you choose to use it could be different.

This week we took off the top layer of snow, so the snow blower could throw it somewhere. We broke up the lumps so it was easier. That was the form during the blizzard.

Normally, we use the shovel to pick and dump the snow without the blower.

The function of the snow shovel was still the same - dealing with snow. The form it takes on can be different depending on what (in this case) amount of snow we have.

We humans get to legalistic and get stuck in dogma. We would say one way to use the shovel is proper, and the other is not.

Just like my lab? We can be so goofy! Our way isn't humorous though.

Mara Reid said...

3.5 feet of snow?

We didn't get near that.
But we were coated in a thick layer of ice.
I couldn't get the cover open on my car to get to the gas cap.
I had to pour hot water over it if I wanted to get any gas. Otherwise I couldn't go anywhere.

Hannah said...

Yes Mara. lol it was a LOT of snow! I think most of it was due to drifts. I have evergreens in the front yard that are huge, and yet you could almost see the grass under them. You look at the rest of the yard? It looked like mountains. The front door had over 5 ft drift.

My mother's house was worse at the front door, and I told her to go out via the garage if she needed to leave. She didn't.

We have patches of ice. Today I'm going to have my son take care of a patch on the sidewalk coming up to the door. Its about 2 ft area pure ice.

Mara Reid said...

Guess what?
After three snow days last week, it snowed three more inches.

I don't ever remember getting this much snow in our area.
A little every year, yes.
But nothing like this.

My kids are ready to move south.

As my son says, "Where is that global warming? I need it NOW!"