Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two New Blogs Added to Blog Roll

That is, two new blog plus an honorable mention.
I hope to get back to Apollonian and Dionysian and its infiltration within the church soon. But for now, let me direct your attention to these new blogs.

I've already linked comments from the two new blogs in previous posts and have decided it's high time for them to join my blog roll.

Elizabeth Esther's blog is about her journey to emotional and spiritual well-being after being raised in a strict, abusive, fundamentalist church. She's honest about the hard road she's on, nothing plastic about her. Sometimes it's one step forward and two steps back.

The Wartburg Watch is hosted by a couple of ladies, Deb and Dee, who are commenting on unhealthy trends working their way into mainstream Christianity.

Now for the honorable mention.
The Happy Surprise blog has a review on a very interesting book called, "The Jewish Way in Love and Marriage." The info in that book more or less blows the legs out from under the teachings of such men and John Piper and Mark Driscoll.

And while we're at it, Cindy K. and Jocelyn Anderson had a blog radio program last Sunday on John Piper invading the bedroom and the obsession the comps have with sex and roles.

They didn't get into everything they wanted, but I believe they will next Sunday.


Hannah said...

I listened to blog talk radio on Saturday, and some of their points did make me giggle.

The woman needs to play games with 'hinting' she wants bedroom time so the man can LEAD with the initiation of it.

Most men like it when the wife initiates things, but I guess that is SIN according to Piper. lol!

The way he describes this? Please don't give me speeches about how 'communication' is a top priority. What a joke!

Mara Reid said...

It is a huge joke and Piper has been promoting that joke since the 70s. You'd think he'd be tired of it by now. But he isn't.

I guess the desire for control and authority is so strong it strikes men blind and senseless.