Thursday, March 3, 2011

Women as Risk Takers

My friend Suzanne has given a rebuttal to three men, an Englishman, an Australian, and an American who want to push Canadian women down into sweet little boxes after a rich heritage of pioneering for the gospel's sake.

As a daughter of homesteaders in the U.S. with family living in Wyoming, the first state to give women the vote, I enjoy immensely the points she brings to light. Men in churches are all fine and dandy with women being risk takers and pioneers and taking hits for the team in establishing the work. But once it's establish, men want to take the work away from the women and lift themselves up to the seats of honor and prestige.

Ladies and gentlemen. Let us not forget the contributions of our men AND women in the past. And let us not let high sounding words rob us of seeing injustice for what it is. Injustice is injustice. Someone being female doesn't give men the right to treat her the way they would never treat a man.

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