Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Word is Getting Out

The gig is up, the news it out, they finally found it.
The renegade (video) The evidence.
The slick little cover up.

Sorry. I couldn't resist.
I know, I know. For most of you this is OLD news we have been over before. But a blog much bigger than mine is running the Piper video again. And it needs to be run again and again until Piper publicly admits his error in this.

Just admit it Piper. You kinda really blew it on this one. Just make a public service announcement that you didn't have all your facts and research straight. I totally get that it was probably an honest mistake on your part. Really. Most people don't get abuse. And when you said this, I could see that, at the time, you didn't get abuse. Now, if you still haven't researched the facts on abuse, please research it and publicly renounce what you said in your video.

The Wartburg Watch is now running it and they have far more followers than my dinky blog of no consequence. And they aren't done talking about it over there. They have more posts forth coming.


Also, at this time, I MUST credit my friend Hannah, who blogged about this clear back in September of 2009 AND who had the presence of mind to post it on youtube herself, since the original version from Desiring God had been taken down. And it was taken down for good reason because it is an embarrassment. But now I'm waiting for the integrity at Desiring God to rise up and renounce the terrible advice Piper gives in this video.

Here's the link to Hannah's original September 2009 post:



Gem said...

They might have more followers but I'll stick with you. This blog is cosy and soothing. I was just looking up Job here following all the bad news on Japan. (to remind myself of the permission to grieve and not have any answers)

Love ya!


Mara Reid said...

:) <- soothing blog.

:( <- Japan.

You are in the grieving stage.

I'm still in denial. My denial stages are far too long. It was that way when I lost my mother-in-law. It was like she didn't die but went away on a long trip and I would see her again. Then I finally broke down.

I'm pretty sure my long denial stages (which I cannot help, btw) are not healthy.