Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Did You Hear the One About Jezebel?

I'm sure you have. Everyone has.
There is nothing that strikes fear into the hearts of men more than the dreaded "SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL"!!!

And everyone knows what that spirit is. It is a controlling spirit, found most often in women, that has the ability to castrate men and turn them into sniveling little Ahabs, the wimpy, less-than-a-man, a man to be hated and pitied for not having enough testosterone to fight his way out of a paper bag.

But here is the problem.

When you actually look at the spirit of Jezebel, it is not about a controlling woman at all. It is about a woman who teaches people to sin.

Revelation 2:20 But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond-servants astray so that they commit acts of immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols. 21 I gave her time to repent, and she does not want to repent of her immorality.

One of the things the spirit of Jezebel teaches is fornication or pornography. I know this because when I looked up "acts of immorality" in the original Greek in a Strong's Concordance the Greek word used is the word we get both fornication and pornography.

So instead of the spirit of Jezebel being this awful, man-hating, male-castrating feminist spirit, it is actually more along the lines of a Play Boy, Hustler, pornography spirit that entices and exploits human sexuality and promotes prostitution and human trafficking.

The spitting hell-fire and brimstone preachers who warn against this Spirit of Jezebel have it all wrong. They don't know what they are talking about. They are preaching the superstitions of men, the witch-burning kind, and using scriptures that they ought to be applying to the porn problem that is running rampant in churches today.


Gem said...

Great Insight!

Mara Reid said...

Thanks Gem,
I knew you'd approve. said...

I agree with you, comp men have Jezebel all wrong. And porn vs submission is one of their self-serving, twisted Jezebelisms.
Jezabel actually did what the complementarians teach--she supported her husband and did what he wanted. She did joyful submission when she got rid of the owner of the vineyard, and she did what it took to make her husband happy. Isn't that what comp wives are supposed to do? While he sniveled, she took action. Notice that Ahab did NOT refuse to take possession of that vineyard? Nor did he protect God's prophets.

Jezabel was Ahab's "front man," doing the dirty work he didn't want to take responsibility for--which is quite close to what comps teach. The purpose of wives, according to them, is to serve their husbands, to be a helper to their husbands, to joyfully submit, which usually means doing what they don't want to do, so that the husbands are happy and don't resort to violence. That is EXACTLY what Jezebel did, and comps are teaching women to copy her.

Mara Reid said...


I also look at Ahab and Jezebel as two peas in a pod. His Hebrew culture and upbringing made him hesitant to do the evil already in his heart. Her upbringing, not so much.
So Ahab was very glad to have her around to push the limits.
Like you said. He didn't stop her. She was evil after his own heart. And she was only too happy to keep him please by pursuing evil to her heart's content.

e2c said...

Re. Ahab and Jezebel - my take is that she did what she wanted to do; that both of them were manipulative, but that he let her do the dirty work. (Hope that makes sense.)

But... I have to wonder what it would be like to get a slightly different perspective on these two? In some ways, they remind me of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth...

Mara Reid said...

Very interesting connection!

shadowspring said...


The word porneo actually is best translated "trafficking in sex". Oldest King James translated it whoremonger. Like a fishmonger sells fist, a whoremonger sells whores.

It is such a disservice to the world that translators translate porneo as immorality or fornication, as if two teens in love who have willing sex is on the same moral basis as men and women enslaving others (even small children) and forcing them to engage in sex acts to stay alive.

Just more disingenuity brought to you by religion. Blech.

Libby Anne said...

That's especially odd, actually, because Paul says elsewhere that there is nothing wrong with eating meat sacrificed to idols, because all things are now clean.

Mara Reid said...

I agree, Shadow.

Libby Anne, I think the difference is that Paul was talking about meat sold in the market place that was mystery meat. It wasn't known that it was sacrificed to idols. Whereas in Revelation, it was willful and and act of worship that was being promoted along with visiting temple prostitutes.

Would have to look into it more closely to know.