Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Book of Eli

While I was writing my, "Only for those who are not completely bored with..." post, I thought about linking this movie.

My son and I watch post-apocalyptic movies, and one we watched within the last year was, "The Book of Eli".

I probably liked this movie more than it was worth. But how could I help it. I enjoy the acting skill of Denzel Washington, and it covered a topic that I called one of my passions in my previous posts.

Nearly all the Bibles had been destroyed in this post-apocalyptic culture. And the villain of this movie was on the hunt to find any remaining copies of this book in order to use it to control and manipulate people. He wanted to use it to increase his power on the earth.

A true villain, indeed.

He is, of course, thwarted by our hero, Eli, well portrayed by Washington.
Hence, I like this movie because the good guys win and the Bible isn't misused by those who are corrupt.

So, anyway, if you haven't seen it, don't mind the grittiness and violence of post-apocalyptic films, and like seeing those who want to misuse the Bible thwarted, you might give this movie a once over.


Anonymous said...

I loved it too! I think the best part for me was the irony in the King James version being preserved. It would have made my ultra-fundy family happy, but they'd never see it because it was an R-rated movie. lol

Mara Reid said...

I had different Christian friends be critical of different aspects of the film. Some of it, fair critique. Some of it just nit-picky.

But I really loved the overall theme.

Hannah said...

I enjoyed that film as well!

Talk about dedication - memorization!