Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Only for those who are not completely bored with...

...talking about Driscoll.

I understand that my obsession with Driscoll is not shared with most of my readers. Why the heck am I so obsessed? Well, speculating, I think it has to do with two passions of mine. And when you have two passions at work, it's hard to deny it.

Passion number one is my frustration concerning those who turn the Bible into a book for controlling others. Many branches of, so-called, Christianity do that. Driscoll does it. But he's not the worst at it, by any means.

Passion number two is my love of the book of poetry in the Bible called "The Song of Songs" or "The Song of Solomon". I love this book because of all the beauty and uplifting of the feminine contained within it's chapters.

My frustration with Driscoll, as you already know, is with how he has taken this uplifting book, stripped away all the uplifting, healing, and encouraging parts and turned it into a sex manuel to make sure that he and the men in his church get enough sex. In the past, he has even gone so far as to make claims that certains verses are commands from Jesus Christ himself, concerning what a Christian wife owes her husband in the bedroom.

So yeah, that really ticked me off.
And yeah, I'm sure I spend far to much time here on this little side issue.

Anyway, for the one, or two of my readers who don't mind following me down the road of my little Driscoll rants and comments, I have a link. Those who are bored with my rantings on Driscoll, don't bother following it. It is to WenatcheeTheHatchet's postscript on his guest series that appeared both here and The Wartburg Watch. It is interesting to those of us who are concerned with the influence of one of the most influential pastors in the U.S. I made a couple comments under his post:



Kristen said...

"In the past, he has even gone so far as to make claims that certains verses are commands from Jesus Christ himself, concerning what a Christian wife owes her husband in the bedroom."

So he takes Jesus out of the book except as the authority that turns it from a beautiful poem into a set of commands? And then makes those commands be all about what the man gets to demand from the woman?

I wonder what Driscoll will say when Jesus asks him, "Why have you been using Me for your own gains?"

Mara Reid said...

Good question.

To be fair to Driscoll, in and among his teaching on what women are supposed to do, he also teaches men what they should do. But the big problem is with that message in Ireland back in the day where he told women that God commanded them to do this.

I believe he's toned down since then, but it is still frustrating that, as you so well said, Driscoll takes Jesus out of the Book except to change it from beautiful poetry of mutual love and devotion to a book of obligation and commands.

I believe he will be very shocked to find out that he HAS wrongly used SoS and certain "Thus saith the Lords" to get the things he wanted. I believe it is a very serious blindspot on his part.

rae said...

I'm not tired of your Driscoll posts! I could rant about Driscoll til the world stopped listening. Lates pet peeve is the 600 people reposting a video of his on my facebook feed where he criticizes Twilight. No love for Twilight, but how can people take him seriously when he calls moms who crush on Edward pedophiles and then calls Edward a pedophile for being in love with a teen!? The guy has no logical consistency in anything, especially his scripture interpretation. Sigh.

Mara Reid said...


Yeah, I think his inconsistency and changing the rules as he goes to support his crooked and self-serving spin is near the top of my list of, "How can people take this man so serously?!"

Good to hear from you Rae!