Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Abuse Survivor Addressed John Piper's Cold-heartedness

It is an open letter from a guy, actually. I know I focus a lot on the damage done to women by compism and hyper-Calvinism and their teachers. But it cuts both ways. Rigid legalism and bowing to the idol of marriage over person hurts both men and women. If you have time, please take a gander at:

An Open Letter to John Piper about His View on Divorce


Kristen said...

Thanks for linking to this. I have come to the conclusion over the years that any doctrine about God's will that makes it easy for a mere human being to be more reasonable, just and compassionate than God, cannot be a correct doctrine.

If God's supposed will for marriage means that to hold it, He would have to be unreasonable, unjust and without compassion, means it cannot be God's will-- no matter what the "plain reading" of the text looks like! That's when it's time to look deeper, because WE have to be misunderstanding something.

Mara Reid said...

Just like the Sabbath became more important to the Pharisees than people, so marriage has become more important to Piper than people.

Marriage was made for people, not people for marriage because it was not good for man (or woman) to be alone.
But guess what?
It's not good for a man (or woman) to be abused either.