Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spotlight on Kristen's Forgotten Women Series

The moment I knew that my long time (in internet years) friend Kristen was starting a blog, I made sure to put the link to it in my blog role. Kristen is knowledgeable, compassionate, and fair in her words and treatment of everyone, including those who oppose her and her understanding.

Since she has started her blog, she has quietly written about many things of interest and pertinent to the issues of gender and the church. Of particular blessing is her series on "Forgotten Women in Church History".

Today, I want to spotlight one of her posts in that series on a woman who lived in Mexico from 1651-1695. Sor [Sister] Juana Ines de la Cruz is credited with writing "the first feminist manifesto" and with being "The New World's first great woman."

Please take time to read Kristen's post on: Sor [Sister] Juana Ines de la Cruz


Kristen said...

Thanks so much for your continuing endorsements, including this one! Sister Juana's voice still needs to be heard today, and I find myself wondering if it's not just because of her sex, but because of her ethnicity, that she has become so obscure today outside her own country.

Mara Reid said...

Well, all I know is that people need to be aware of the things you say and you say them so well with so much grace.

I know I turn off people because my internet persona "Mara" is a bit "in your face". I've sort of fallen into a reactionary, shock, jocky for pushing against comp/patri shock jock preachers.

Sometimes that position is effective. But for those truly seeking, your gracious tone is so much better and I can't help myself in pointing people your way.

Kristen said...

Mara, I think these things (about the "shock jock" preachers) need to be pointed out, and I'm glad you're doing it. I have chosen not to address any particular ministry directly in my blog, but that's certainly not the only, or even necessarily the best, approach-- it's just the one that fits in with non-confrontational me (and perhaps it's just a bit cowardly; who knows? Only the Spirit truly understands our hearts).

Mara Reid said...

Thanks, Kristen.
I do know that some who admire the shock jocks can't hear waht a woman really has to say whether she whispers or screams it.
They simply cannot hear. Their minds are made up about women, don't confuse them with reality.
But others like the "shock jock" effect, as though being blatant and mouthy somehow makes you right.

It doesn't.
right makes you right, not might or bullying.

Kristen said...

Driscoll and the like remind me very much of the young, swaggering preachers in Maranatha Campus Ministries, who were considered "bold" and "cutting edge" and "radical for Jesus" when they were really just arrogant and rude.

Mara Reid said...

Yeah, rude, arrogant, all things the Bible says we are NOT to be.

Go figure.