Monday, November 5, 2012

Mom STILL Recovering from Misguided Pearl Teaching

Mike and Debi Pearl put out this terrible book "To Train Up a Child"  (TTUAC). Debi is the one who wrote the horrible "Created To Be His Doormat" book that I have mentioned before as I link other people's thoughts on its damaging and marraige destroying message. Both books have made the circuit where I live. I've read them both. I have family members who still think one or the other book (or both) is helpful.

Elizabeth Esther, who I've had in my blog list from nearly the beginning, is open and honest about her recent break down over what being a child brought up in a TTUAC home is like. And she is a full grown adult who left her cult home before she ever had children. Yet the result of the book has carried over into raising her children, something she had to confront and overcome.

Here is Elizabeth Esther's story:
Love Until It Hurts


Hannah said...

Sounds like she grew up with those type of teachings, and she used them because she was taught that it was right.

I pray that she doesn't marinate in the past so much that she can't see how much she has grown from the past.

Goodness knows we can all do that on one topic or another. Her grace alone shows how much she is capable of truly loving others now. She learned you don't have to break the will of a child in order to show them the path that God would wish.

I pray she concentrates on that, and how her family turned out because of it. She would beam instead of mourn.

Mara Reid said...

I think she just had a break down to deal with one aspect of it she hadn't before.

I don't know if you knew that EE has actually confronted Micheal Pearl on television concerning his teaching.

If I had time, I'd look it up and link it. It's on her blog somewhere

Hannah said...

Yes, I saw that. That is why I hope her guilt doesn't win over her. Her children are going to be proud once they are old enough to realize what she has done.

Mara Reid said...

You are right.
Her children will be proud.
Our prayers are with her.