Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Analysis of Driscoll's Desperation

More Analysis from someone in the know.

Former Mars Hill member, WTH* spent time on Driscoll's plane and jumped off, hopefully making a soft landing, rather than being thrown off the bus or under the bus or shot or something else...

I'll let WTH explain these transportation metaphors and what they mean to him, a successful parachuter fleeing the doomed Mars Hill plane.

Mark Driscoll has shifted transportation metaphors

I always love a good metaphor. Even bad ones hold a certain amount of entertainment value if you can get past the automatic gag reflex.

* WTH is short for "Wenatchee the Hatchet", not "What the h*!!", something I've said more than once watching the Mars Hill machine lurch forward toward its doom. Speaking of machine, I've always thought of Mars Hill as being a train speeding down the track toward the gorge where the bridge is out. How many metaphors can we come up with in one short post?

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