Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oldest Daughter Syndrome

The Eighth and Final Square had a sad and (to me) an interesting post:

All My Fault, Not Good Enough

I tried to leave a comment with a link. I can't tell if it worked. But I took a long time finding this link from 2009 and don't want to go to the trouble of finding it again so I'm going to link it here so I can find it easily again if I need it and so that others can read the conversation that occurred under it.

Are You a First Born Daughter?

Being an oldest daughter can be very demanding. In an abusive situation, it is impossible.

May the Quicksilver Queen continue on her road to healing. And may people be amazed at her strength and wisdom.


Lana Hobbs said...

oh, i was an oldest daughter. pressure... thanks for sharing that post.

Mara Reid said...

No prob.

I have a heart for oldest daughters being one myself. There are definitely certain things that oldest daughters have to work through.

One is being held responsible for so much while being given so little real authority.

Retha said...

Thank you. I'm an oldest daughter. Not everything applies to me, but enough do to help me understand myself better.

Mara Reid said...

Yes, we oldest daughters are a complicated lot.

Tomorrow I have a post scheduled that looks at what patriarchy does to women, including daughters.
Patriarchy gives men all the authority while force women to take all the responsibility. It is a very unjust system.