Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

Here is a Christmas light show to my daughter's favorite Christmas song.
Nothing spiritual about it. Just plain fun and amazement and wondering if some people have just a little too much spare time on their hands. :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


JaneDoeThreads said...

Merry Christmas Mara,

borrowing computer, LOL, yea those videos, we've seen them all [there are some other awesome light-tech music shows on you tube, it's actually a very complex tech-mix setting up, takes a lot of know how], and yea, lot of time. The electric grid loves it,

Mother Earth, not so sure,

anyhow, one pair of our doves had a little baby couple of days prior to Christmas, our Christmas 'God' sent gift this year, which was so awesome because well, I at least, needed to feel centered spiritually this year, Christmas has become a huge turn off for me and that's odd because as child it was the Only time of year there was any it's been good to detach from the crutches, lose the religious 'mirage' and get recentered/focused on the signs we Do see, that reveal the true nature of God, the baby dove did just that, she's the cutest thing and her parents have been trying for a very long time...the baby is size of child's palm of hand, has her downing feathers, etc. Finding her sitting in the nest was not only a surprise but it immediately made me focus/think upon the birth of Christ, with all the animals near by--

anyhow, love you and hope your holy days season is a blessed one.



Mara Reid said...

Christmas can be a very hard time of year for so many reasons.

My husband still hasn't snapped back from his parents dying back in 2003.

Christmas 2008 and 2009 were horrible, horrible.
But I still love Christmas and listen to Christmas music.
I made Christmas candy this year and decorated the porch. But we had no Christmas tree.

Christmas 2010 was tolerable.
I think hubby is coming around (I hope, I hope). It's really hard on the kids when there is so much disharmony this time of year.

I believe in doing whatever it takes to remember God and the miracle of the incarnation.
To me it's like the Bride looking at 'baby pictures' of the Bridegroom before the marriage supper of the Lamb.
We have record of Him coming, being born, living, and dying for us.

I am forever and eternally grateful He left the comfort of heaven for the discomfort of our world so He could make a way for us to leave this place, eventually, and join Him in the place He calls home.