Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tina Anderson Foundation

Thanks for the heads up from Lewis for this one.

I link it for two reasons.
One, for awareness of this going on. There are church groups actively teaching their daughters learned helplessness and false guilt and shame all under the guise of "Christianity". They are also covering for sex offenders in their churches.

The second reason is to raise awareness that there ARE groups out there wanting to combat this deep evil among fundamentalist groups.

Knowing the evil exists is heart rending.
Knowing individual and groups are rising up to combat the evil gives cause for some hope in the face of so much evil.

Thanks Lewis.


Hannah said...

The video of the preach made me sick to my stomach.

No empathy for victims. Ask your offenders for forgiveness due to your righteous angry towards them - then maybe we will work with you.

Those poor people. They just don't get it.

Mara Reid said...

Where was the video, Hannah?
I somehow missed it.

Hannah said...

Under media I believe