Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wounded Healer in Early Myth

We're not finished with the Strength and Safety series, at least I hope not. But I wanted to take a break from it and direct your attention to a post by my friend Eleanor concerning the Wounded Healer in myth and earliest records.


Since I'm a baby in understanding the fullness of the Wounded Healer, I appreciate gleaning understanding from Eleanor's studies.

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JaneDoeThreads said...

Hi Mara, well I read the blog article, but here's what is bothering me about it...one, the philosophy of the Greek gods/goddesses [I believe they were and still are real, just as much as the other pantheons, in that realm, what the Bible calls hosts, light or dark, gods, fallen angels, etc] is Very different from the 'harmony' with Mother Earth beliefs of Shaman. In fact, the Shamans of indigenous peoples would be very much [and are] at odds with the healing methods and beliefs of those from the Euro-centric, we can include the Celts with the Greeks, Romans, etc., in that with the Euro-goth centric there was more of a focus on the centralizing of power over humans in the means of Hypnotism and Control, always the focus on the worship of the 'gods' and 'goddesses' and the Demand for, Appeasement. Where as, in the Shaman [Native Indian] beliefs this was no where the case, the beliefs was that healing came from harmony with the EARTH, the life force of the mother in earth and the father in Spirit, the Great Spirit. The Medicine Wheel is the balance of the forces, Buddhism and Taoism would have more in common with Shaman than the Greek, Roman and Celt-beliefs. Far more, though the Celts did have some more leanings towards earth, rivers and trees, but they too had their 'gods', such as Morrigan, etc which were much like the pantheons of Greek, etc., which btw, all are similar almost identical to the pantheons of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The Chaldeans, = the stars...

the thing about pantheon was the power and appeasement of the upper levels or lower [under earth or sea, Atlantis, Aztec] that all had to do about Hierarchy, Misogyny [the fragmented soul of woman goddess, Medusa the snake head meaning the hysterical woman, Venus the one breast/no arms sex hole for men but not able to love /nurture life/child, Artemis the demon bound no gates open legs with testicles on chest of the wounds men gave her, the angry feminist, Vesta, the house dowdy wife look, the virgin, so forth...all segments of the fragments of Woman, demonized, stripped of her power, and well, a case of DID if there ever was one,

where as, in Shaman, the Mother Earth, Female, Woman, is WHOLE, Holy, giving life, yet with power, giving nurture, yet with balance, same with men, Harmony and balance of the forces, both external and internal,

it had Nothing to do with worship of angels or power dynamics that insisted on fear, terror, rape, conquest for gold, etc...

the healing of the pantheons was about control through herbs, sorcery, why the Indian shamans and peoples reject the vampire beliefs of such, there were no 'strings' attached with the Shaman healings, the thing about the New Age Distortions of these beliefs is that they take ancient knowings,

and turn them into a glorification of the very dynamics that have been used to destroy the souls of females. The wounded healer of Ancient was one that wasn't about the long suffering [sadoworship] but about finding Through suffering and Through life the inner spiritual and his/her relationship to the Nature part of world, Nature, Mother Earth, by observation, study, dependence on Mother Nature and the Great Spirit, why animals are seen as guides. There is HUGE spiritual differences, that have HUGE ramifications,

just saying...what you said, about the culture, misogyny, it's poison on Christian culture/West, is right on....listen to that.