Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blog Highlight

I've been aware of Suzanne for some time, for longer than I've been blogging. I first became aware of her on the CBE forum and then saw her other places that I went to. When I learned how to make a blog on my blog roll, Suzanne's was one of the first to go on it.

The fight to keep every expression of Christianity from becoming another Taliban religion has many fronts. The numerous blogs on my blog roll come at it from completely different angles. Suzanne's comes from a, keeping true to the original languages, position.

There is a Jihad force among certain Christians to push a certain, gender off-balanced version of the Bible into the hand of every Christian. This same force is hell-bent to malign another translation that is more gender inclusive. I could say more, but then I would reveal my ignorance in this area. So let me close by saying, I am so glad that Suzanne is around, has her blog, and is being faithful to the original languages in spite of the raging war to malign her and Bible translations that are more in keeping with the original languages.



Hannah said...

Honestly, I'm not sure I get it totally either Mara.

Some of items they brought up? Kind of dumb.

One example that I read about 'anyone that does not take care of family....'

They had fit over the word 'anyone', because it was changed from 'man'. Then say everyone knew it was 'everyone' so why change it? lol why have a hissie over it as well?

Mara Reid said...

The manipulations of scripture is so subtle.
The King James version did things like, translate the exact same Greek word two different ways according to gender.
The word translated deacon for men is translated servant for women.
You can sort of overlook that because of their ignorance and hardcore cultural bias back in the day.
But what can you say about what is going on now?
Some of it may be ignorance.
But only some.
Agenda also plays a huge role (snicker) in it and I truly would not want to be those men facing God and having to explain why the worked so hard at the 'ministry' of keeping women in their places.