Saturday, July 23, 2011

Off-topic, But Not Really

Busy, busy so haven't had time to construct my last "You have heard it said" post or follow up on why in the world I would bring up Star Trek, Lt. Uhura, and M.L.King,Jr. When time is more on my side I hope to get to both of these. Until then, let me direct you attention to a former Mix Martial Arts (MMA) fighter's take on Driscoll's obsession with MMA and his foolish attempt to connect it to 'biblical manhood'.
It is called "Confessions of a Cage Fighter: Masculinity, Misogyny, and the Fear of Losing Control"


Hannah said...

Wow. I have to wonder if Driscoll read that article. (giggles)

In the second video? Mark said that men made the culture. If you don't have men you have nothing.

Strange statement coming from a crowd that seems to think that women have 'ruined' the culture aka feminism among other things.

'''It would take nothing less than a miracle, a new birth, an entirely repentant turn for Driscoll and other Christian leaders to see the folly of their lust for power and to confess this folly to their peers, admiring worshipers, and most frighteningly, themselves.'''


'''Of course, there is no reason to expect that observing MMA’s powerlessness to develop Christian disciples will dissuade some churches from bundling so-called men’s ministry with MMA. The sport is hot right now, and MMA is an effective “outreach” tool, so it will remain in churches for the foreseeable future. Idols may be powerless to form faithful Christians, but as fund-raisers and recruitment tools, they are effective as hell. This is what happens when, in the words of Stanley Hauerwas, the church tries to “make the Gospel intelligible to the world rather than to help the world understand why it cannot be intelligible without the Gospel.” '''

Love it.

Mara Reid said...

I'm sure that Driscoll is completely shielded from the truth. He has surrounded himself with so many yes men and their defense of him is so thick I doubt any article like this would make it within a hundred feet of him, his church, his home, his family.
His poor yes men have no clue how they are hurting him by shielding him like this. And he has no clue.

Idols ARE great fundraisers.

May eyes be opened to see the idols for what they are so that men can start searching for the Truth.