Saturday, July 16, 2011

How About That Junia?

Men who won't let women be all that they are called to be, work long and hard to take away any and all biblical examples of women outside the worshiped patriarchy boxes.

If that sentence didn't make sense to you, let me try again.

Neo-patriarchs and CBMW do all that they can to hide or explain away all examples of female leadership in the Bible.

In case you have never heard of Junia, which is possible because it really is better to ignore her all together than to get involve in the quagmire of all the explaining away it takes to make her go away, then let me direct you to this link which talks about Junia who is well known among the apostles.
(I love it when I'm busy and someone else makes my job so much easier. Also, I link this because it links all of Suzanne's [of Suzanne's Bookshelf] posts on Junia all in one place.)

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