Friday, March 23, 2012

Mark Driscoll -- Rock Star Preacher

As much as I rant and rave about Mark Driscoll, you all might think that I hate the man.

I don't.

His mishandling of the Song of Solomon really ticks me off.

His mishandling of his position as pastor that has left so many walking wounded wondering aimlessly really ticks me off.

His misogyny really ticks me off.

But I don't hate him. So when I heard that he had some health problems it didn't make me happy and hope for his soon demise or at the very least the he would, "learn his lesson". No, those thoughts didn't jump into my head. I don't get any pleasure from anyone's suffering.

According to my source, Driscoll's health problems have to do with going on adrenaline and not taking breaks like he should. And upon hearing this, all I could think was, I hope that he will slow down and take care of himself. He, like all of us, is only human. You can only live the "Rock Star" life style for so long before it will kill you.

My husband heard Alice Cooper tell people that the reason he's still alive is that when he's not performing, he leaves his "Rock Star" persona back on the stage or at the studio. He says that anyone he has ever know who lived like a rock star all the time, they are all dead.

So I'm going to dedicate a song to Mark Driscoll. It's the song I think about when I think of how he is running himself too hard and needs to take a break. I want him to stop being a rock star because I don't want him to end up like Johnny in the song I'm dedicating to him.


Militarymommy777 said...

You know what- I totally agree with you. I detest Mark Driscoll's behavior, I find him crass, rude, selfish, and even violent. But I don't hate the guy. What I hate is his persona that he seems to think is manly.

I don't think being a man means being anything like him, and he clearly has some serious issues that he covers up by running on air.

Maybe that's why he keeps saying and doing stupid things- he probably needs a break; the power to control his own tongue and sex drive, rather than judge everyone else's by default.

I am just glad to be married to the person I am with; someone I can BE with, who doesn't demand me to do stuff that isn't mutually satisfying. I sure hope people don't take Mark's teachings to the extreme- sex is beautiful, and it also isn't fair to single people to teach so graphically in such a crass way.

Mara Reid said...

Sex is beautiful.

Pornography is dog ugly and misogynous.

Unfortunately, Driscoll thinks he's teaching sex when really he's teaching misogynous porn.
And he thinks he's helping people.
It's sad, really.
And very, very harmful to both men and women.