Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Calvinism Is Infiltrating My Church

No, you don't understand. It's not some big metro church up on the latest Christian fads. My church is just a little country church with good down to earth people. Okay, maybe you do understand and I'm just overreacting.

Whichever, this is the reason I'm driven to learn about New Calvinism.

A young man that I've know forever went away to college and now he's quoting Piper instead of the Bible. He's also the youth pastor. I like this young man. He's intelligent, thoughtful, and empathetic. Yet, a couple weekends ago he went up to Seattle on business and visited Mars Hill. Can you hear that loud sucking sound of him being sucked in?
He got this from college. He went to school a born again, professing christian and came back quoting Piper. Which leads me to believe that New Calvinists aren't getting new converts as much as stealing other people's sheep.

And through this wonderful young man, my church is being infiltrated. Now people in my church are carrying ESVs including the Senior Pastor. It is nothing short of insidious.

Also, something else you may not know about me. Even though I lean strongly Egalitarian, my church isn't. They only have male elders and deacons. But they get so many other things right, I just sort of overlook this issue. It's a "Love covers a multitude of sins" thing. Hard to explain.

But if New Calvinism takes over my church, then I'll have to leave. Part of me wants to just leave without a fight cause I don't feel up to it. Part of me knows that I need to have an explanation ready if I make that choice.

Thus, my quest to understand New Calvinism. I want to be able to give an answer to those who ask.


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Julie Goos said...

Bless you for being of sound mind. I too am extremely concerned about the infiltration of Calvinism into our churches. Keep fighting the good fight and standing for truth. It is scary how people follow leaders instead of the Word of God. Praying against the schemes of the devil in this is probably a good idea. Love in Christ....