Saturday, April 7, 2012

Driscoll Is Anal

Okay, if you aren't interested in reading about Driscoll's take on certain sexual acts, stop reading now.

Driscoll used to be known as the cussing pastor. I'm thinking that he should start being known as the anal sex pastor. And that's the nice way to say what he promotes.

Anyway, I've already linked the petition requesting that Liberty Universty drop Driscoll. Those who have gone there have seen that Driscoll condones anal sex on page 186 of his book.

Well, Jenny left a comment. Her signature is number 244 on the petition.

You can go to the link I provide below and find her words for yourself. But for convenience, I'm going to copy and paste them here:

My husband went to Liberty U. as an undergrad and has always spoken highly of it. He learned much there about walking in biblical truth and being a man of God. I went to a very secular university and lived the typical "wild child" social life prevalent at my school. I engaged in things I shouldn't have. Imagine my awe at God's grace when He saw fit to give me in marriage to this man--a man I most certainly did not deserve. This honorable man who loves the Lord and walks in His ways. This man who, even after 12 years of marriage, makes me feel like a precious jewel every day. He says to me in all ways, by his actions, his love, and his example: "I love you because our Lord trusted me with your care and well being. I would never dishonor you. I would never debase you. I would never take advantage of you or require of you anything that you don't give to me freely." Imagine again what it was like for us during the 3 years we were members at Mars Hill Church, where, back 8 or so years ago, Mark Driscoll was teaching at the men's retreat all the same things that are in his Real Marriage book--that the wife's duty is to pleasure her husband, that when she is menstruating or pregnant, she should offer up her (backside entry) so the marital bed could be strong. We were shocked, yet we remained in this church because Mark spoke truth in so many other ways, and so profoundly. We didn't realize that we were proverbial frogs in slowly boiling water. We discovered too late that we were so steeped in Mark's twisted teachings about "secondary" matters--which actually became quite Primary in Mark's teaching--that we could no longer open our Bible without seeing anger and condemnation in it. We could no longer bring ourselves to read a book of the Bible that Mark hadn't commentated on in sermons or writing, because we couldn't trust our own interpretations. Mark crippled our faith and our joy in the Lord when HE became our "holy spirit." We finally left the church, but too late. We suffer still, so greatly. We have not been able to trust another pastor or church, and we are trying really hard to trust God again. But God is faithful, and He is healing us. And to this day, my husband would never debase me or require one thing from me in the bedroom that I would not freely give. He honors me as Christ honors His church. Mark debases his wife (and then brags to the world about it, debasing her publicly) in the same manner with which he debases the body of Christ. Liberty University, I ask you, how do you regard the body of Christ? Now is your chance to let us know.

And Here's the link to the petition:

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Gem said...

God bless Jenny!
And what a great husband she has, may his tribe increase!

May the Lord bring healing to their wounded hearts and raise them up to minister God's love and healing to others...